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The Importance of Military Customs and Courtesies
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Since the inception of the armed forces or services of the government, the military have been following some set code of conduct that have instilled discipline and distinguish them from the rest of the other professionals. Most of these rules are unwritten and they are referred to as the common norms of the military services. Whether spoken or written the code that the military have helps the men and women to maintain the correct code of conduct. These codes have grown to be known as customs and courtesies of the military. If customs and courtesies were to be removed in the military, the forces will no longer be the same again. This is because they will loose the high integrity they have always maintained. In the paper, the first discussion is the meaning and the history of customs and courtesies, then the repercussions and importance of the customers without forgetting the non commissioned officers.

            The customs and courtesies are discussed in the military codes field manual FM 7-21.13. In this field manual, the meaning of customs and courtesies is described in chapter four of the manual. It states that the customs and courtesies are the way of living for a long period in the military. They have changed from the way of life to become the common law of the military. These are the vital laws in the armed forces that maintain the discipline of the different military men and women in the forces. Courtesies can be defined as the different forms of showing politeness and good behavior to the other people in the forces and outside the forces. These customs and courtesies protect the behavior and dignity of the different forces and if they were not there, the military would not have the respect that it commands over the other professionals today.

            The history of the customs and courtesies dates back from the time the military forces or services were started. It is not clearly how most of these rules came in place but the different historians say that these codes of conduct were a guide to everybody who was being trained to join the different forces. Additionally, the history of these customs and courtesy depends on the different forms of showing these customs and courtesies. Moreover, it is also not clear as to when each form was started but it is clear that the different forms were not started at the same time. The most important about this military customs and courtesies is that they are followed by everybody in the force despite the rank he or she may have.

            The most common form of these customs and courtesies is the salute. The history of the salute is not known as to when it was started but it was thought to have started as early as 1820 in the United States. The salute is a gesture to show respect or recognition of people in the armed forces. This is where the people of all forces salute to one another in recognition of one another. This shows a considerable amount of respect the service men and women have for one another. Additionally, it is a sign that shows the service men and women are united.

            The other form of showing customs and courtesies is the dress code of the different service men and women. Different military service men and women have different uniforms, which they are expected to wear at all times when they are serving the nation. In addition to this, each service or force has its own uniform from each occasion. According to the customs and courtesies of the forces, they are expected to wear clean and neat uniforms. It is because of these uniforms, the forces are distinguished from the other professions.

            The way the military people speak to the other people in the outside world also shows that the military men and women have courtesy. For instance, when they are addressing a woman they use the word ‘mum’ to show that they have respect for the woman. Additionally, if it is the men who are addressing the woman, they remove their headgear as a gesture of showing respect and honor from the woman.

            The customs and courtesies of the military have importance or benefits to the forces and the nation at large. One of the importances of these customs and courtesies is that it portrays respect. The different customs and courtesies that the forces follow have portrayed the military as a very respectable profession as compared to the other professions. It is only in the forces where the officers salute to one another. Additionally, it is only in the military where the juniors follow the commands of their seniors without questioning their authority. This shows that they have high respect for their leaders. If this were not there, the military forces would be in chaos since nobody would be listening to the other. This has been made possible by the customs and courtesies.

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Another importance is that they have instilled discipline in the forces. Without these customers and courtesies there will be no discipline in the different officers. In this case, the military people maintain high discipline and they respect their seniors. It is this kind of discipline the officers are able to follow order without question. Additionally, this discipline has made them to be very professional in their duties. Lastly, by being disciplined has made the military forces to be respected by the other professionals.

Additionally, the customs and the courtesies have made the officers to have honor and patriotism to their country. If the officers were not patriotic to their country, they can overthrow the government. Patriotism makes the officers to fight for their country at all times despite the situation. Therefore, the officers can serve their country without prejudice no matter where they are located without betrayal. Lastly, the customs and the courtesies create order in the different forces. This is where things in the different forces are done following a certain order.

            In case these customs and courtesies are not adhered to by the service men and women, they can result in serious disciplinary action. In accordance to the customs, the service persons are expected to respect the people who are above them in rank at all times. For instance, if a leader gives an order or commands them to do something, they are expected to follow and ask questions later even if they think that the command is not acceptable. If they do not follow such commands, they are subjected to disciplinary action. One of these actions is suspension. This is where one can be suspended from active duty without pay until further notice or in a defined time.

            Another action that can be taken if they do not follow this customs and courtesies is expulsion or being relieved of from active duty. This applies only to the serious offences the services persons might commit in the process of their duties. Additionally, one can be relieved of his duty from repeating the same offence every now and then. For instance, the service men might violate one of the customs of not respecting the seniors or abusing the seniors. Additionally, if they abuse the customs of the military might lead to them being expelled from duty. Additionally, a service person might repeatedly lack respect to the customs making him or her taint the good name of the forces.

            Other actions like punishment might be taken for not following the correct customs and courtesies. For instance, if the service person fails to salute or wear the improper clothes for the occasion, he or she might be made to wash the vehicles or the quarters in which they live in. These forms of punishments or repercussions are taken against anybody going in opposition to the correct code of ethics. These actions keep the codes respected by the different officers in the forces. Therefore, the different customs and courtesies, whether written or unwritten, help to maintain discipline in the forces. If they are not followed, the repercussions taken against the wrong doers help reminding them what will happen if they do not follow them.

            It is also very important to recognize the Superior Non Commissioned Officers. This is because; they have various duties in the army that cannot be avoided. For instance, they should be recognized and respected by the others because they are the ones who train these officers. A well-trained officer has the capability of protecting the nation and becoming successful. This could not have been possible were it not for the Non Commissioned Officers. It is because of this, they are supposed to be respected at all times.

            Additionally, the Non commissioned Officers are the leaders of the others. A leader usually takes care of the other by trying to learn their problems and try to solve them. Additionally, he or she learns the strengths and weaknesses of his or her officers so that he or she can be able to identify which officers are best for which duty. In this case, especially in battlefield the, the Non commissioned Officers are able to create tactical decisions leading to victory due to such decisions. If it is not for them this could have not happened. Therefore, it is very important to recognize and respect these officers.

            In the forces for an officer to become a Non Commissioned Officers, the officers must have undergone a lot of experience. Additionally, this offers goes for another extra training so that they can be able to perform their new duties well or as they are expected. This means that an officer can take years before become a Non Commissioned officer. Moreover, he or she passes through many hurdles in order to achieve. There are others who leave the forces without even becoming Non Commissioned Officers in the forces. This shows that the Non Commissioned Officers earn their respect in the forces to their vast experience. Therefore, it is important that they should be recognized and respected by the other officers in the forces.

            Lastly, these officers give commands to the different officers they command in the forces. These commands may be written or written but all the same, they are the ones who give orders to the other officers. These are the orders that protect the nation from being attacked or from winning various battles when they are in the battlefield. It is because of this and other reasons that it is important to recognize the Superior Non Commissioned Officers for the duties they perform in the different forces. It is important to note that they should not only be respected by the services officers but also by the other citizens.

            The military or the armed forces of the country are one of the professions where the officers are expected to maintain high integrity to the rest of the citizens. This is because the country has put all the trust in them to protect the nation. The officers have used a very tight code of conduct to maintain the high integrity. This code of conduct is referred to as the customs and courtesies of the military forces. They are the way of life for the military people and men. Additionally, the Non Commissioned Officers should be recognized because they help in instilling this customs and courtesies to the other officers. Therefore, if the customs and courtesies were not there the military would not be the way it is today.

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