11 Great Studying Apps to Use When You Are Abroad

November 22, 2016

Many people bemoan the speed at which technology in developing. I, for one, do not agree with them. Progress is a wonderful thing that has already made our lives much better. For example, students traveling abroad no longer need to buy cumbersome guidebooks or spend time searching for internet cafes. Here is a list of the best study apps that young people in foreign countries can make use of.


It may surprise some, but many places in the world are not English speaking. In order to communicate with the locals, you’ll need some translation apps. Google Translate (Free) is the best if you are planning to get a data plan in your country of destination. The app allows voice input, which is great if you need to communicate something really fast. Duolingo (Free), on the other hand, will allow you to learn useful phrases to impress your new foreign friends.


A list of apps for college students would not be complete without some items that would help you get from place to place. Many cities have apps that help you figure out how to use the local public transportation systems. GoEuro (Free) allows you to plan routes and find the cheapest tickets if you are living in or visiting Europe. If you prefer to get around without having a hundred people in the same vehicle as you, try Uber (Free). It currently works in 76 countries and, despite the recent controversy, is very comfy.

11 Great Studying Apps to Use When You Are Abroad


Going abroad and spending all the time in your room is not the smartest thing one can do. After all, you’ve been given a unique privilege to explore another culture, so use it! Foursquare, Yelp, or Zomato (Free) all help you find cool, trendy, and delicious places to enjoy. It might not work everywhere, but there’s no harm in checking.


Many exchange students are a bit overwhelmed by the amount of money they are given responsibility for. If you don’t want to spend all your cash on random souvenirs during the first couple of days, you should probably start keeping a budget. Mint (Free) is a great way to track expenses whether it’s at home or abroad, and you can even connect your card to it. Converter Plus (Free) converts any foreign currency into green, crispy American dollars. It also works for anything from temperature to volume, so you won’t have to go around being confused by the metric system.


The best souvenir you can bring home is wonderful memories, and the most convenient way of sharing them is photos. Instagram (Free) can help you do it in real time. Just snap a pic and add as many filters as you want. Another great app, Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 (Free) is useful to those of us who want to remove that weird drunk guy from our Champs-Élysées selfies.

Use these apps to improve your study abroad experience. Have fun and stay safe!


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