Your instructor might want to ask you to write a 200 word essay just to check how good you are at presenting your thoughts concisely. The clarity of ideas should not suffer from this extraordinary requirement. In terms of length, the final version of the paper will have 3 or 4 paragraphs. Thus, your piece of writing will occupy about half a page, single-spaced. If the work is double-spaced, it will take two-thirds of the page. Use MS Word to count the exact number of words in your masterpiece. In this article, our team of expert writers provides a concise compilation of useful tips to help you successfully complete this assignment.

Detailed Explanation as to How to Write a 200-word Essay

Excellent Prompts on How to Write a 200-Word Essay

If you follow detailed instructions provided below, you will learn how to write a 200-word essay deserving a high score.

  1. Prepare an outline. In the majority of cases, short essays include such structural elements as an introduction, main body, and a concluding chapter. Each section has to contain a specific number of words. Therefore, ensure to break 200 words between the sections accordingly.
  2. Find a worthy example of a 200-word essay. It will be easier for you to create your own paper with a quality sample at hand. Mind the structure, format, and author’s writing style.
  3. Provide explanations. When introducing some facts, it is better to explain them in your own words rather than present direct quotations.
  4. Compose comprehensible sentences. Since the amount of words you need to express your ideas in is small, you should be precise. Your sentences have to be both concise and clear.
  5. Proofread your paper. Remember that your piece of writing should be free from any mistakes, even the slightest ones. Check your text for grammar, punctuation, format, and typos.

Speaking about the correlation of the number of words in separate sections, there are more or less established proportions. Thus, the introductory section constitutes from five to ten percent of the 200 word paper. Since this part of your work will be pretty short, try to avoid repeating the question you were asked to answer. Present only new facts and information that is new. Next, the main section of your manuscript will occupy about eighty percent of the entire length. Again, only the most compelling claims and evidence should be presented to save space and meet the word count requirement. As for the last paragraph, it usually accounts for a tenth of the document. Pretty much like the first one. While presenting the summary of your ideas, make sure not to include any new information here. Of course, it is not that easy to compose a brilliant 200 words essay, but we hope that a detailed explanation of its main components will allow you to get a good grade.

Chief Components of Short Essays

  • Thesis Statement

It is obvious that all academic papers include thesis statements. As to short essays, it is particularly important to know exactly how to formulate your central claim to make the work profound. According to the rule, thesis statements should be placed at the very beginning of brief papers. It follows that your chief assertion may be presented in either 7th or 8th sentence if your piece of writing contains 4-5 paragraphs. In case you writing project includes 2 or 3 paragraphs, your statement should be provided in any of the first three sentences (this rule can be applied to your 200-word essay). Hence, ensure to present your thesis statement at the beginning of your essay.

  • Opening Sentences

Each paragraph should commence with a topic phrase. Its function is to clearly highlight one of the facets of a thesis statement and serve as a basis for the entire paragraph. Taking into account that you have only 200 words, your academic work will probably include only one opening sentence. Therefore, consider your topic from different angles, pick the argument which you consider the most powerful and create a solid opening statement.

  • Supporting Phrases

Since your piece of writing is very short, each of the paragraphs may include a couple of sentences containing supporting evidence. They have to be succinct and informative. Remember not to include long quotes and useless details in these sentences. Your audience will be happy to read statements that are easy to comprehend.

  • Concluding Section

Read your thesis statement and think whether it has been discussed in your paper properly. Are there any aspects that require additional research or examination? What have you found in the course of subject examination? Encapsulate your ideas and present a concise summary in your conclusion.

Eliminating Extra Details

Considering all the demands and specifications, it becomes clear why producing this kind of an essay is quite complicated. Since creating a worthy piece of writing including only 200 words is not a piece of cake, some students decide to write a longer work and then shorten it by removing some of the details. If the final version of your paper contains more than 200 words, you should try to refine it by eliminating the data that is of no significance to the content. In order to make the filtering process easier, we offer you to take a look at the hints presented below:

  • Highlighting

This is one of the most efficient means of reducing the number of words in the text. You should mark the sentences and expressions that play a fundamental role in developing your essay. Be bold to delete the rest of the text; even the sections which you consider well-written. Then, take the remaining information and try to make it consistent with the help of transitions.

  • Singling out

This is one more method of ensuring your text includes essential data only. Read your paper and analyze each of its sentences. If you see that some sentences are useless in covering your topic, remove them. Pay attention to the sentences illustrating one idea. Try to transform them into one sentence preserving the meaning.

  • Evaluating

You may evaluate each sentence in terms of its pertinence to the made assertion. Is each sentence connected with the key argument of your paper? Is it helpful in comprehending the thesis statement? In case some phrases do not contribute to the development of your essay, delete them.

  • Simplifying

Mind the grammar and organizational mode of your piece of writing. If you detect any complex word combinations or expressions, try to make them sound simpler. Do not think that readers may find the text primitive. Since the number of words your essay should include is small, you cannot afford to use complex clusters. You should also scrutinize your thesis statement. Is it concentrated on a specific facet of the explored issue? If your assertion is rather broad, make sure to narrow it down. Otherwise, you will be unable to discuss it in detail in such a short paper.

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November 19, 2019
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