3 Great People’s Ideas about Parents’ Day

July 23, 2017

Parents’ Day is a special occasion when we can all have an excuse to celebrate our mothers and fathers and all the sacrifices they’ve made for us. Nowadays, families may be different, with single parents and gay couples, but it does not mean that thanking them is any less important.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the one who established the holiday during his run as the president. In his speech on the occasion of the very first celebration, he mentioned the importance of family values in the trying times. He also emphasized the importance of reevaluating what the word "family" actually means.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, a former first lady and a national icon, always pays attention to the importance of parenting for the development of the USA. She reminded all parents that it is never too late to teach compassion, hope and true American values to their children.

Carol Bailey Medwell

Carol Bailey Medwell, who is a lawyer and a founding partner of a family law firm in Seattle, spoke about loving one’s children despite the difficulties one may experience. She has the unique experience of working with the children of divorcing parents and often is the only one who acts in their interests.

Parenting is hard, so don’t forget to pick up your phone and call them this special day!


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