4 Ways to Work Harder without Even Realizing this

January 31, 2017

Working longer hours won’t increase your productivity. On the contrary, it will drain you, and you will become less productive in the long run. Studying in the exhausting conditions is counterproductive, so you should avoid doing this by all means. There are smarter ways to work harder without spoiling all of your energy. 

Find Extra Hours in Your Day 

Don’t think that it means sleep less. No way! Probably, there is some free time during the day that you aren’t using to study. For instance, commute time can be used for studies. If you sit, you can read books and notebooks. If you can’t sit, you can use audiobooks. And it’s not the only extra time that you can use for studies. You can also use 30 minutes a day between your wake-up time and breakfast. Half an hour is not a big deal, but sometimes, this time can be very helpful. Or maybe, you have some free time an hour before you usually go to sleep. This time can also be useful.

Speed Up where You Can

Let’s take a look at what can be done faster. First, think about your computer. Is it working fast enough, or you’re waiting several minutes to get the browser opened? If your computer’s performance can be optimized – it should be. It’s desirable, but not necessary to buy some upgrades. However, it’s not the only way. Another way to solve this situation is to use software wisely, minimizing the programs that slow your computer down. Also, you can speed up if you increase your typing speed or use voice typing.

4 Ways to Work Harder Without Even Realizing It

Use the Time When You’re Best at Something 

Maybe, the best time for you to study is in the morning or in the evening. It’s all individual, and you should know yourself in order to be efficient. See what type of work you’re best at during the day. If you notice that writing essays is very easy in the morning – do it in the morning! Likewise with all other tasks and challenges. Use this knowledge when you plan your studies. 

Use the Apps that Assist You 

If thirty years ago studying was only about books and listening to wise people, now everything is different. The whole world is accessible to us. All we should do is access the Internet and ask a question. Another breakthrough is that we have a whole new dimension of apps for study that make the process much easier. There are also apps that aren’t connected with studies directly, but they are nevertheless useful. For example, f.lux changes the brightness of your screen during the day automatically, so that you don’t waste your sight staring at a harsh white light in the evening. There are lots of apps that can help you to learn languages or create quizzes or flashcards that can be used for studies. 

See, there are lots of ways to optimize your work. Use your time wisely!


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