5 College Studying Don’ts

December 16, 2016

There are plenty of articles answering the question how to study effectively, but does any of them tell you what you shouldn’t do? If you are aware of the mistakes you make, maybe you will try to avoid them and, thus, you will become more successful in terms of your studies. Here is a study help for any student seeking to improve his or her grades.   

No Procrastination

I’ve been a student myself, and I know it’s difficult to be hard-working all the time especially when there are a lot of enticing things to do except for studies. However, you need to deal with procrastination as hard as you can. This way, you are a way closer to success when the night before a big test comes. No need to cram, you simply have to review the material. Avoid stress, get enough sleep, and stay calm. 

No Social Networks

Social networks are the biggest distractors when it comes to studying. If you can’t turn off your cell phone and leave your online life, take a break every hour to allow yourself check new messages. It will be a reward for your hard studying hour. Otherwise, you are in danger of getting into the online world and forgetting about the subject you’ve been studying for the last 60 minutes.

No Staying Up Late

It has already been proved that sleep is inevitably vital for your body and brain. It also concerns the process of memorizing new information. So, whenever you need to prepare for exams, better divide the information into portions and spend a couple of hours a day during the week before the exam preparing instead of studying all night long without proper rest.

5 College Studying Don'ts

Don’t be Too Self-Confident

Sometimes, you think that you just need to revise before a big test, but it happens that you need a way more time than you thought. Here the dilemma comes: either study all the required material or get enough sleep. So, better spare more time for studying to avoid panicky memorizing of the information, facts, numbers or whatever you need to be ready for your exams.

Don’t be Afraid to Come Up to Your Profs

Your professors should become your friends. Most of them are more than happy and welcome to answer the questions you have concerning their subjects. If you are too shy to come up to them, you can always write an email and include all the questions you want to get answers to into it. There is no shame in asking, the shame is to be ignorant.

Studying can sometimes be rather challenging and demanding, but it is undoubtedly rewarding and important. While preparing for your exams and big tests, don’t forget to be a true student and have fun whenever you have some free time. I sincerely hope that these five simple tips will be useful and helpful during your student’s life. Enjoy!


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