How to Write a 500 Word Essay

Writing an original 500 word essay is one of the numerous assignments given to students. It is produced in the same manner as other academic works. However, professors may provide specific instructions on completing it. Preparing this paper is not as complicated as students might consider. You should keep in mind that it is necessary to write a clear essay providing readers with useful information about the discussed issue.


There are a lot of interesting subjects for producing a great 500 word essay. Nevertheless, you should choose a narrow topic for your work. Thus, you will not have any difficulties with reaching the required word count. The most efficient way to produce a superior paper is cover the topic completely and meet the imposed requirements.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay: Information for Each Section

How to Start a 500-Word Essay?

Are you stuck and do not know how to start a 500-word essay? No need to worry. Our writing guide will help you create a good paper. We assure you that writing a 500-word essay can become a truly fascinating process helps develop your critical thinking and analytical skills. Below you will find the steps that will significantly facilitate this process:
1.    First and foremost, read the requirements very carefully. You should understand that a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay are quite different in their essence since they have different purposes. If you do not know how to start a 500-word essay, feel free to download the brilliant examples of the essays written by other students and read them to get some inspiration.
2.    If your essay requires using some sources, feel free to conduct an in-depth research on your topic. You have to select the peer-reviewed and credible sources that are not older than five years. 
3.    All the thoughts and ideas taken from the outside sources should be cited carefully in accordance with the formatting style required. If you use some quote but do not cite it, it will be considered as plagiarism and, therefore, bring you much headache.
4.    Follow the formatting style required. The formatting style is not only about the citations. It defines the overall paper including the title page, the font, the margins, headings, and subheadings. As such, if the professor asked you to write your paper in APA, and you do not know its rules, it is better not to ignore this aspect of instructions, but find a good manual, in which all APA formatting rules would be gathered.
5.    Use formal English. Undoubtedly, if you need to write a personal essay, the use of the first person is appropriate. However, in all other cases, you have to use the proper English language and third person. Avoid using any jargon or abbreviations. Your writing should be clear and coherent so do not forget to use the transition words to move from one idea to another. Be focused and keep in mind that a 500-word essay is too short to fill it out with the meaningless information. 
6.    Organize our essay properly. A classic structure of a 500-word essay requires an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. As such, you need to introduce the topic to your audience in the introduction, develop it in your body paragraphs, and summarize it in your conclusion.
7.    Proofread our essay. If you want to get the A+ grade for your paper, you should take care not only about the content of your essay but also grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So, do not forget to proofread your essay before the submission.
Hopefully, our secrets helped you understand how to start a 500-word essay. Just keep in mind that every good grade is a step towards your academic success. Good luck! 

Useful Tips

You should take 500 word essay length into account when choosing a topic. It should not be wide as it will be hard to cover it properly. It is necessary to present information concisely by writing grammatically correct sentences. Moreover, avoid plagiarism. Double check your work to make sure that it is original. Do not forget to edit your piece of writing. Thus, you will correct mistakes as well as remove plagiarized content if there is any in your 500 word paper. Check whether the facts are stated logically.

Do Not Worry Anymore

500 Word Essay Sample (Happiest Day of My Life)

Life is full of mysteries, surprise events, good memories and bad news. At times, life shows unexpected turns, whereas in some other moments good luck or fortunes favour.  Recently, I had a unique experience, and good luck struck me all of a sudden. That event made my day, and it became the happiest day of my life.

It was a spring morning on April 16th, Saturday. Suddenly, I got a call from my friend Robin that her sister was admitted in the hospital, and soon she was going to have a baby. Therefore, we have to go to the hospital during the day. I woke up after the call and prepared my breakfast. However, Robin came to my house in time. She was in a hurry and asked me to get dressed quickly. After a while, we took a taxi and went to the city hospital without having breakfast. We reached the hospital at about 11 o’clock, but the doctor said that her sister’s delivery process would take time. Therefore, we sat in the hospital canteen for about fifteen minutes and then Robin went to meet her relatives in the hospital waiting room. At that moment, I was quite bored. So, I planned to order some more drinks and food. I have ordered a cold drink and a hamburger. When I opened the cold drink, I noticed that the bottle cap had some codes. Mostly, I do not pay attention to those codes, but I was quite bored. Therefore, I read the canteen information brochure and came to know that there was a lucky draw contest. I read the contest procedures and sent an SMS to the cold drink company with the code that I got in the cap.

After awhile, Robin called me and told that her sister had already got a baby. I was quite happy to hear that.  Her family members were happy too, and they prepared to have a party in the evening. At about 1 o’clock during the day, I went back to home. When I reached home, I got a call from an unknown number. I received a call and came to know that I was the first winner of cold drink lucky draw contest, and I won a new car. Initially, I did not believe in the news, but when I compared the winner code and my code, and became sure that I was the winner. Moreover, the company invited me to take my award in the evening. At that moment, I did not share the news with Robin. I called her and told I would be late for the party.

In the evening, I went to get my award and then visited Robin. Finally, I shared the news with Robin’s family. The whole family was surprised and happy for my award. After the party, we went for a long drive with Robin. Thus, April 16th became the happiest day of my life.

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