Exclusive 500 Word Essay

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

Writing an original 500 word essay is one of the numerous assignments given to students. It is produced in the same manner as other academic works. However, professors may provide specific instructions on completing it. Preparing this paper is not as complicated as students might consider. You should keep in mind that it is necessary to write a clear essay providing readers with useful information about the discussed issue.

There are a lot of interesting subjects for producing a great 500 word essay. Nevertheless, you should choose a narrow topic for your work. Thus, you will not have any difficulties with reaching the required word count. The most efficient way to produce a superior paper is cover the topic completely and meet the imposed requirements.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

Students usually ask, “How long is a 500 word essay? What are its structural elements?” This paper is comprised of such parts as an introduction, body, and concluding section. Each unit describes particular points of the work. That is why it is important to know what information should be presented in each section.

Below, there is a detailed description of each part. You will understand how to write a 500 word essay if you pay close attention to it.

  • Introductory Paragraph

This part of your paper goes first and consists of about one hundred words. It helps readers know more about the examined matter. By the way, you may find a clear 500 word essay example to see how this paragraph should be presented. If you want your work to catch everyone’s attention, you should make it appealing. That is why you need to select a fascinating subject. Moreover, you should gather relevant material to cover each its aspect in the right way. It is of cardinal importance to write a great thesis statement. Thus, readers will understand what the central points of the paper are. It is obvious that this paragraph is one of the key elements of 500 words essay format.

  • Body Section

Note that it is a central part of 500 word essays. It is usually the biggest section of the work. If to be precise, it should include about 300 words. When producing it, you need to concentrate on the main idea of the paper and provide hard facts to prove the thesis statement.

When writing this section, you have to be sure that the presented data relate to the topic. Furthermore, your opinion should be supported by strong arguments. For this reason, you should use quotations and cite illustrative examples. In order to prepare a top-notch 500 word college essay, you should start with covering its chief points. Then, you may describe the weak ones. However, you may also do everything vice versa. Actually, the last variant is more suitable for exploring the subject and leading readers to the concluding part.

  • Conclusion

This section of a 500 word essay consists of 100 words. When producing it, you need to ensure readers that the discussed topic is worth examining. If you want to write a good conclusion, you should start with presenting a thesis statement one more time. However, it should be written in more appealing words than in the introduction.  Remember to present a few key ideas.

Useful Tips

You should take 500 word essay length into account when choosing a topic. It should not be wide as it will be hard to cover it properly. It is necessary to present information concisely by writing grammatically correct sentences. Moreover, avoid plagiarism. Double check your work to make sure that it is original. Do not forget to edit your piece of writing. Thus, you will correct mistakes as well as remove plagiarized content if there is any in your 500 word paper. Check whether the facts are stated logically.

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