6 Headache Treatment Alternatives That Actually Work

September 9, 2016

Although, in the majority of cases, headache is considered to be a minor ailment, it’s still a nasty problem that causes considerable inconveniences. It can start as a slight throb somewhere near the temple area and develop into the piercing ache that makes you think your eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. It can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most frequent ones are stress, dehydration, migraines, and chronic conditions. Ironically enough, it is also the most widespread drug side-affect. So how can one break this vicious cycle? Luckily, there are other remedies besides pills.

Treatments that prove the benefits of the alternative medicine

So far, pain killers have proved to be the most popular headache cures with the afflicted. If only there were some kind of natural substitute, the pharmaceutical companies would go bankrupt! Luckily for us, there is a better alternative! Pain killers are efficient because they contain niacin and salicin – the chemicals that suppress pain. However, the same elements can be found in organic foods! Here is a list of natural pain killers!

  • Mint. Well, all green vegetables and plants have a quality of a pain killer, but it is the versatility of mint that makes it the best choice. Add some mint to water or tea, and not only you’ll be relieved from pain, but you will also enjoy a refreshing taste and a soothing fragrance of your drink.
  • Fish. No doubt, salmon is an excellent choice if you are planning an exquisite dinner. However, you also must know that fish contains B3 vitamin, which is an indispensable treatment for pain.
  • Peanuts. Pain is a reaction of the nervous system to some kind of stimuli. To block the pain, you have to deceive your body into thinking that there`s no trigger. For this purpose, there`s no better food than peanuts, which contain the elements that can suppress those stimuli.

6 Headache Treatment Alternatives

Sometimes, internal remedy doesn’t work. It means you’ll have to make an effort to fight the pain. These are some ideas worth considering:

  • Massage. Gently make circular movements around the temples and the top of your head. Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure – it will make the mussels less tense.
  • Blackness. Noisy environment can also be a pain trigger. Turn off your TV, laptop, and smartphone to get rid of the annoying pain.
  • Exercise. Unlike most people’s beliefs, lying in a horizontal position won’t make the pain go away. On the contrary, you should get moving to release chemicals that cause that nasty ache.

All things considered, it’s unwise to endure pain and remain reluctant to do anything about it. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on painkillers. As you see, there are plenty of other ways to deal with it. Most importantly, however, I would recommend treating the cause rather than the pain itself.


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