6 Websites to Help You Learn Languages

November 29, 2016

Everyone has taken a course of a foreign language at some point, whether that was at school or university. However, only a small number of people can speak fluently. The most common reasons are the lack of time and a wrong approach. Luckily, today there are websites that address these aspects and provide you with a chance to learn languages online.

1. 100 Day Challenge – Learn a Language

Studies show that after learning 1000 most used words in a language, you will understand 90% of its spoken speech. This website will send you 10 new words every day, including translation, examples of usage, and pronunciation. In 100 days, you’ll learn the most common words in your target language and will be able to prepare the solid ground for further language learning.

2. Conversation Exchange

One of the best ways of language learning is practicing with native speakers. Online friends from other countries are valuable in terms of this practice. They will never be teachers, but can offer conversations on different topics, some tips for your improvement, and maybe even real friendship in the end.

6 Websites to Help You Learn Languages

3. Rype

This service is suitable for those who are ready and willing to work hard. It provides you with online lessons and personal teachers 24/7. You can subscribe to as many as you want, but obviously, it means you have to take them seriously. Today, the site mainly focuses on Spanish, but it’s expanding its language variety.

4. Duolingo

Unlike Rype, Duolingo is something you can use just to have fun while doing something useful. It’s one of the most popular apps that offers you a good insight into the basics of 59 languages. It’s not very practical when it comes to developing speaking skills, but it’s a good place to start to learn languages online.

5. Fluentin3Months

This website is different because it’s a blog of a polyglot who shares his experience. He provides many valuable resources that will come in handy for everyone who wants to follow his example. However, even those who don’t seek to learn many languages, can find his blog and references useful.

6. Memrise

Memrise is a tool that is suitable for any kind of memorizing, from languages to dates. It has a huge number of flashcards and quizzes for learning the most frequently used words in a foreign language. It’s also a very popular website among teachers due to its great templates base.

Whatever language you want to learn, the process is the same. You always need to move forward and develop your knowledge. With different technologies, today you can make this process much easier and even enjoyable.


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