7 Signs You Are Picking the Wrong Friends

June 30, 2017

A college is a place where a genuine friendship is literally one of the most important things still you do need to bear in mind that not everybody can be a good friend of yours. So below I want to give you seven signs of wrong friendship for you to have the best experience in college.

They always bring you down

The premier sign that you are hanging with the wrong crowd is they always bring you down. If you see negative attitude towards you, frequently hear complaints, or you just feel unmotivated after some time got along together with those people – avoid their company.

They have a disruptive influence on you

It is the second sign that you’re making wrong friends. Believe it or not, people we spend time with are having a major impact on our lives. If your fellows disrespect others or look down on their academics – you soon are going to do the same.

They always have a knack for finding troubles

Are your friends are always causing problems? Do they constantly disrespect professors or other students? It’s another big sign that you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. As it was mentioned above, your mates have a considerable influence on you. So who is your company right now – it’s you in a couple of months.


They are not in your corner

If your friends don’t support you or your yens – it is an obvious sign that you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. They never have been in your shoes and don’t know how your dream is important for you.

They use you for their own profit

Feel that your friends like you only when you do what they want? Or they are manipulating you by saying they won’t be your buddies unless you do what they want? That’s another unmistakable sign of your friendship failure.

They belittle you

When your friends are making you feel less important, intelligent, or beautiful – run away! These people are showing you that you don’t meet their standards. On no account should the fellowship be like that. 

They are never near when you need them

The final sign of making wrong friends is if your “buddies” are never near when you need them. True friends will never let you down in a need and always be ready to support you in any situation.

How to get out from the wrong crowd:

In order to avoid the bad influence, you need to do create some separation at first.  Begin to spend less time with your crowd and start making new acquaintances. If they will ask you what’s wrong – tell them the truth.

Remember! You don’t deserve to be treated like this, my friend. There are too many people in this world to make wrong friends. I know that getting out of your crowd is hard, I’ve done it before and it wasn’t easy at all.  Furthermore, I learned a lot about myself during this process. Hope you are going to do the same.


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