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7 Ways to Make Friends in College

February 17, 2017

At the beginning of the new academic year, a lot of freshmen are arriving at the college campuses to embrace the new reality of college life. It’s an amazing time in the life of every person, full of new experiences and emotions. One of the great opportunities that college life offers is making new friends. A lot of people have found their lifelong best friends in college.

Though people are more open to making friends at the beginning of the year, you shouldn’t rush to befriend everyone during the first two weeks. Making friends should be a natural process, and here’s what you can do to make it fun and easy:

Be yourself 

It is all that you can do! Trying to be someone else in order to make friends will get you nowhere and will eventually hurt you. There will be thousands of new people in college. Be ready that you will find those who are eager to embrace your personality as it is and share your interests. The more you will express your true self in all its shine and glory, the more true friends you will attract.

Be interesting

Is there anything special about you? Maybe, you’ve traveled to Tibet to learn the ancient art of yoga and meditation? Or maybe you know 5 languages already? OK, let’s get down to something more common. Great knitting skills or, maybe, extraordinary volleyball skills? Show it! The more talented you are, the more friends you will make. Most of the time, this rule works. Just don’t be too proud of yourself.

7 ways to make friends in college

Join people when eating

Our ancestors have shared meals around the fireplace to share the stories of the passing day and their achievements and troubles. This tradition hasn’t changed ever since. Sharing a meal is a great way to get closer to someone, because people get more open when eating.

Use dorm

When freshmen just arrive at the campuses, it’s the best time to make acquaintances. There are common rooms in the dorms which organize events to help freshmen befriend each other. After the “freshmen befriending period” is over, you can still make friends. Just leave the door of your room open when you are at home. People will know that you are open for contacts.

Know a little about everything 

It will allow you to keep any conversation. You don’t have to be a pro in everything. A little bit of information on each topic is enough.

Find common ground

Mutual interests, similar experiences, shared hobbies – what are your points of reference to different people that you meet? Start with building common ground.

Invite people to join you 

You work out, run, meditate, or watch football? Find those who do the same activities and invite them to join you.

Don’t be afraid of making friends. It’s easy!


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