If you want to make your college admission essay flawless, you have to know the secrets of successful writing. There are different guidelines developed for those who are interested in improvement and polishing of an essay. For instance, it is not an easy task to write conclusions which could excite the readers’ attention and summarize the whole paper effectively. Some of the students cope with the assignments without any difficulties, while others get confused and lost feeling helpless. What is the main purpose of a concluding paragraph? The writer typically aims at giving a sense of completion to the readers making them think over the ideas.


A college admissions essay that starts with a personal anecdote always has more chances to be successful than a story that lacks zest. This tip as well as many others presented below will help you master the art of admission essay writing. If the readers understand what you want to talk about, they will follow all your further explanations regarding the significance of the ideas throughout the paper. It is of great help for writers if they can get step-by-step guidance in some book.

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So, here are some of the most essential pieces of advice that the inexperienced writers highly value. Let us talk about the concluding paragraphs. So, it is a common practice to wrap up any paper with a concise summary of the key points with a broad note at the very end of the story. The readers will never forget the ending of the story if you follow any of the recommendations:

A great admissions essay that starts with a bright anecdote from your personal experience should have a conclusion that links to that introductory part. For instance, a story starts with a funny description of how a boy could not do the high jump well because of his insufficient height. So, it is a good idea to include a funny anecdote into the introductory paragraph about this boy’s jumping at a meeting with stress and high pressure.

Outstanding college admission essays always bring the audience to the present and show what is happening now. For example, the story about a high jumper implies that the boy managed to get into that sport with the following sentence: “I do not think that high jumping will be still interesting for me in college; besides, this sport requires special setting and you cannot practice anywhere you want.” “I guess it is likely that in the near future I will not find myself catapulted over a pole.” “The moment of ecstatic joy when I managed to clear the bar will always stay in my memory. Those hugs and high fives from my friends, acquaintances and people I did not know at all made me feel on cloud nine.” “I used to be a short boy nobody noticed and I managed to change everything: I saw that people started treating me in a different way and that feeling was unmatched.”

The introductory paragraphs and anecdotes at the beginning of the story can be linked back to in a variety of ways. However, all those methods are in the framework of strict college admission essay format. Besides, every technique brings the audience to the current state of things and shows the experience and memorable moments from the past. It is natural that a story is related to an incident that happened in the past; therefore, the conclusion should bring this event that has already taken place to the present. The present-day reality should be linked with the story from the past presented in the introduction.

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The range of college admission essay topics is wide; however, it is advisable to draw special attention to your ambitions and aspirations in the concluding paragraph. Any experience from the past should be linked to the present in the final paragraph. For instance, if you talk about getting stuck in a refrigerator box, there should be some method of relating this incident to the present and the future. “I still sometimes feel the inclination to hide from the problems (at least in a refrigerator box), although I realize that behaving in such a way I cannot resolve anything.” “Recently, I have realized that hiding causes more problems than solutions.”

You can find a lot of college admission essay samples online to see how to make the paper perfect. For instance, a story of someone you know who was struggling against some disease or died of it should be related to the present as well. “I still talk to my mom and ask her for advice in my mind, although she passed away two years ago. I miss her badly, but I feel that my pain gets less acute when I am busy with everyday things.”

Another short story or an anecdote about a peer who tried to avoid you although you admired him a lot should be linked to the present-day reality. You used to be a child who lacked confidence and respect from the others because of your appearance; however, now, that peer is your best friend. “I was so big that people who did not know me looked at me with certain fear. Every stranger was expecting danger from me. Towering over the children of my age, I did not feel comfortable; neither did other children. I am still heavy and big, but I learned how to help other people feel nice. I do not feel embarrassed any more.” These college admission essay prompts can help you when you are working on the paper.

Furthermore, the conclusions of college admissions can do the restating of the key points with the focus on the lessons learnt. Besides, it is highly recommendable to use humor and not to take any issues too seriously. Never bore the readers; instead, focus on your plans for the future and ambitions. Look ahead and tell about your dreams. 

NB:  A great college admission essay always has a so-called kicker phrase. Do not be afraid of being too sincere. Your idealism will touch the readers. Besides, you can play with words and try to make the readers smile. Finally, get a valuable feedback from your teacher, friend, or parent first to see whether you really managed to create a masterpiece.

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