Anime and manga are some of the most beloved styles of comics and animation in the Japanese culture. They have a rich history, and have thus impacted the culture of animation around the world in plenty of ways. Nowadays, anime is not merely a product of Japan – this phenomenon has become widespread across the globe. Not only has it become a widespread means of entertainment – also it is no longer a surprise that anime essay writing is a popular type of writing activity among students. So, if you have to complete an anime essay and you do not have a clue how to do this, read on the article and try to understand the peculiarities of Japanese culture and its impact.

One of the challenges that students face when dealing with such writing is conducting research on manga from scratch. If you have research-related questions, do not worry – this article will cover these as well. Also, we will discuss how this genre originated, how important it is culturally, why it has become such a popular means of entertainment, and how to succeed in writing a college essay on anime. If you are a novice in anime essay writing, do not worry – with, you will get professional assistance. Just rely on our company and get expert assistance from our top-notch experts.

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What Is Anime?

It is a specific style of cinematography inspired by Japanese animations. It has numerous genres, which makes anime equally popular among children, teenagers, and adults. Different types are currently popular among different age groups. The very word “anime” denotes “animation”, so initially anime was a Japanese cartoon made for children, but later, it transformed into computer animation for various audiences. This specific feature differentiates anime from cartoons made in the other countries – that the former is made not merely for kids. Thus, it is evident that this factor made this genre so popular among different people and in different countries. A vivid thing that comes to attention is that anime also has a specific style of designing background and drawing characters.

Facts about Anime

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How to Write an Essay about Anime?

An essay on anime and manga may require from students to express their personal opinion or attitude on the assigned or chosen anime. Essays are normally written following a certain academic style, so students have to be aware of all structural peculiarities, paragraph organization, transitions, and the proper choice of vocabulary. When writing an anime and manga college essay, students have to consider that it is essential to conduct proper research – both on the history and the plot of the anime, as well as on the topic raised in it.

It is crucial to choose a good topic if your professor has not assigned a specific one. The topic can be the very manga or anime or you can make it narrower, specifying on the relations among the main characters or topical issues raised in it. More so, it is also possible to focus on the style of narration, the role and representation of art in the anime, the very peculiarities of the plot or animation style among others.

Some of the possible anime essay ideas for writing are to focus on the dialogues and interaction among the characters, to analyze personality types, to focus on the setting and background of events, or even to analyze costumes and visuals.

Take a look at how to write a college essay about anime:

Step 1. Create a synopsis of the story

Before starting to develop the topic, write a brief synopsis of the story by focusing on the background, or the main idea. Specify why the chosen anime or manga is worth analyzing. Indicate your aim of writing, sum up the plot, and describe the characters – all this needs to be done in order to set some background for readers. Try to fit this synopsis into a concise paragraph.

Step 2. Focus on characters

If you need to write a creative essay, where you share your own story in manga or anime style, you ought to think of the types of characters you want to have. So, think what characters would be interesting to you, how many characters you are going to introduce, who they are, how they appeared, what their values are, and so on. You can focus on any criteria that are essential personally to you. In an anime essay, you can also add some romantic storyline or some interactions between protagonists and antagonists. Also, you can focus on the personal qualities, strengths, and weaknesses of the characters.

Step 3. Commence with your story

Start with outlining the backbone of the plot without focusing on specific problems or interrelations. Just compose the plot as in tales, think of appealing anime essay ideas. Which characters will appear first? What events will happen? In what order? What consequences will they lead to? After you have structured this story outline, add more details about some qualities, values, decisions, secrets, or whatsoever.

Step 4. Arrange the storyboard

The concept “storyboard” relates to the organization of your anime comics or manga. If you can draw, it would be great to present a comic-like version of the story. Illustrations will add to more interest from the

Step 5. Put up everything together

Once you have completed the very story, it is high time to add some artwork and illustrations. If you cannot do it on your own, find an artist who is good at it. Or, you may try out yourself at making sketches.
audience. However, as in writing, focus on text first. Think of specific scenes or dialogues you want to have in your anime essay.

Tips and Guidelines on How to Write an Essay on Anime and Manga

A Japanese anime essay can be really fascinating to write and read because it is one of the best forms of entertainment for people. Many people are fond of comics and anime, and they consider these genres to be the most interesting forms of entertainment.

So, your essay on anime ought to be as appealing and entertaining as the manga you have chosen to watch. If you want to write a successful essay, take a look at the following tips and recommendations:

  1. If you experience writer’s block, try watching or reading some fan fiction. You will thus get more ideas and inspiration for writing your own anime essay. You will see what topics and issues are taken into consideration.
  2. Watch a few different anime series that you like and try to notice some appealing focal issues for you. Think of why you like these particular series, what makes them appealing to you, what keeps you in suspense, what makes them so significant, etc.
  3. Take your time and do not be in haste with your essay on Japanese anime. First of all, brainstorm ideas and them formulate anime essay topics that you consider interesting.
  4. Think of wording and vocabulary to use. Maintain a semi-formal academic style and avoid using slang or too much colloquial language.
  5. Write your paper in your own words – do not use flowery language just for the sake of it or just because you know it.
  6. Write the paper in the third person.
  7. Be logical and coherent when it comes to the development of the story.
  8. Enjoy when writing it!

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