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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Once a couple announces the upcoming birth of a child, it is time to celebrate! But you might be asking, “What do I write in a baby shower card?” Having a baby is a very exciting time indeed, which is why it is important to think of the right words to write in a baby shower card. For the next 18 years, the parents will be responsible for raising their child, and then hopefully that child will pay them back by not putting them in a nursing home someday. Not sure what to write in a baby shower card? Depending on how close you are with the parents-to-be, there are several approaches you can take as you think about what to write in a card for a baby shower. Let us take a look at some of them.

As you think about what things to write in a baby shower card, you can address the card in any of the four ways:

  • Dear (mom-to-be’s first name),
  • To (mom-to-be’s first and last name),
  • Dear (mom-to-be’s first and last name),
  • Dear (both parents’ names),

If you are good friends with the couple, first names will suffice. However, if they are casual acquaintances, it is better to go more formal and use their full names.

Conventional Card Wording

First, let us consider what to write in a baby shower card when you want to keep it traditional. This approach is also good if you are not sure whether the baby will be a boy or girl.

  • We are delighted to hear that you are having a baby. We hope he/she manages to stay out of prison.
  • Well, how about that! A little bun in the oven! He/she will no doubt turn out as magnificently as their well-bred siblings. No pressure though.
  • Congrats on your first/second/third/tenth child! You sure love collecting babies, but don’t we all!
  • We are so thrilled that you are about to welcome a new addition! Cannot wait to find out which Ivy League college he/she will attend.
  • Wow! A baby! What an unexpected surprise! We are confident that you will get over the shock and act as responsible parents.

Religious Card Wording

If the couple is religious, they would probably appreciate a religious-themed card. Here are a few examples that they will find satisfactory.

  • The creation of a baby is not a biological process, but a gift of God. A truly rare miracle!
  • May your newborn child avoid Satan’s evil embrace.
  • Bless you both and let us hope your baby turns out as well as God’s own Son.
  • We heard you are having a baby. Well, we will definitely find time to pray for you everyday.

It Is a Boy!

Let us discuss what to write in a baby shower card if the baby has X and Y chromosomes.

  • You are having a boy, what a lot of joy! May he bring you much mirth.
  • There are no limits to what your baby boy can achieve. Let the Michael Jordan comparisons begin!
  • Your little boy is on the way. Cannot wait to buy him his very first beer approximately 21 years from now.
  • A boy!!! You have definitely hit the jackpot with this one.
  • We hope you are not too disappointed. We are sure the next one will be a girl.

It Is a Girl!

So the couple are bringing a girl into this world! We have got some ideas for what to say on that card.

  • You are having a girl, what a thrill! May she never cause any drama.
  • Great news that you are having a girl. Fantastic news indeed.
  • It might be a man’s world, but that is not going to stop your baby girl from becoming president someday!
  • Congratulations on your baby girl. We are jealous that she has such awesome parents.

Baby Shower Wishes for Twins

Identical twin pregnancies only occur 0.45% of the time, but when they do, it results in a whole lot of excitement and additional responsibility. Here are some things you can say to congratulate the parents.

  • Congratulations on having twins! Let us hope for triplets next time around!
  • What has 8 limbs? An octopus, as does a set of lovely twins!
  • You really hit a homerun with that double! A real pair of all-stars!
  • Twins? Amazing! Word to the wise though: giving them names that rhyme would be super corny.

Message for the Baby

Sure, the guest of honor will not actually be attending the baby shower since they are not born yet, but that does not mean you cannot address the card to them. Someday they will have the cognitive abilities to understand the words, after all.

  • Hey there, buddy! Welcome to the world! If you end up anything like your misguided, right-wing parents, I forward to debating politics with you someday.
  • Wishing you all the best. Your parents were a bit wild in their younger days, but the responsibilities of raising a child have set them straight.
  • I am confident that you will look just like your father. Or your mother. Or most likely a combination of both!

Signing the Card

You obviously cannot deliver the card without first signing it. That would be downright obnoxious! As you decide which words to use, think about your relationship with the parents and go with something that reflects this.

  • Lotta love,
  • Best regards,
  • XO,
  • Sincerely,
  • Yours truly,
  • Keep it real,
  • Holla,

When you find out that a couple you know is having a baby, you have got to congratulate them for all that hard work. It is also the best way to remind them that you are legitimate friends and not just after their money. As you write the baby shower card, make sure to use the right tone that reflects the nature of your relationship with them. For instance, addressing a co-worker/mother-to-be as “Sweet Sugar Lips” is probably not a good idea unless you are doing it on a dare.

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