College Study Habits Students Should Avoid

September 5, 2017

As a matter of fact, students’ life is as entertaining as challenging and strenuous at the same time. As soon as adolescents plunge into the studying process, some of them find it difficult to cope with the college routine and make avoidable mistakes concerning their educational process.

The most common bad study habits

Skipping classes is considered the biggest mistake, a student can ever do. While the attendance of classes shows your level of responsibility and determination, it is one of the true ways to succeed in passing exams, too.

Poor time management skills. Being a student is a hard work as most of the time you have to comprise a good friend, a nice person, a perfect son/daughter, a willing to work part-time employee … and a diligent student in one personality. Hence, it is your duty to master some time management skills and be good at dealing with all your responsibilities.

Lack of note taking skills is another negative aspect, which leads students to poor performance during classes. Though, this problem can be easily eliminated with the help of various programs available for Iphone and Android.

Bad College habits

Procrastination is a very popular bad habit, which results in poor grades, failed exams, stressful preparation, sleepless nights and health deterioration in general. The experience of delay or cramming in one night is familiar to every second student. However, it is possible to avoid work in the last minute if you follow your daily schedule and keep on studying regularly.

Absence of responsibility. No one will do your job better than you! Learn to be a self-reliant student, responsible for assignments and projects on your own. Without doubt, group projects and discussion clubs are good ways to get prepared and comprehend the material. Though, your classmate won’t pass an exam for you. That’s why, complete tasks, you’re accountable for, putting enough efforts and always relying on your knowledge.

Abuse of the Internet. The era of modern technologies has made the consumption of the Internet an excessive habit among students. Not only it distracts students from the studying process but also often provides them with inaccurate facts. Be very attentive when using the Internet to get prepared for a class. Check on the trustworthiness of sources you come across.

Plagiarism provided. Be careful while writing different kinds of essays, paper works, theses and etc. It is OK to mention or follow someone’s views and standpoints with citations provided. It is a plagiarism to claim that the following proverb “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” is your own quotation without any references provided. Plagiarizing is a serious violation of the educational rules, which can lead to serious consequences, such as expel from a university. 

Fear to ask for help. We learn on our own mistakes, but it’s better to avoid them asking someone more competent how do something in the right way. Professors are here for you to help and teach. Feel free to attend their office hours or ask for instruction in case you don’t understand.

You’ve got acquainted with students’ habits you SHOULDN’T get accustomed to. Now, it’s the time to evaluate your learning situation and change it in a proper way to study effectively.


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