How to Be Excited about Your Future College

October 20, 2017

Even if you are disappointed because of a rejection from your first-choice college, hold your head up, it’s not a big deal! It means nothing, believe me, and don’t even think that your college experience because of that is going to be disappointing, never! You’ll be excited about your soon-to-be school and it’ll become your school in a blink of an eye! Follow these simple steps that will help you get excited about your safety school or second-choice school for sure.                    

Do some research

Do kind of research on your future school, probably, you’ve already done a little one before applying, but this time do it more detailed. Learn more about clubs, campus traditions and extracurricular activities in order to see what may be interesting for you when you’ll be there as a student. As you are going to live there, explore the areas surrounding campus; there may be nice cities or towns nearby, which will be a great fun to discover during your breaks or on the weekends. Help yourself to feel like as if it were your home, even if it’s just for a while. The more you know about the place of your study, the more excited you’ll be.

Get acquainted with college’s student publications

Student publications are a very common thing in most schools; the student newspaper is the most common one. You are not in campus yet but you can easily subscribe online to find out more about your future place of study. Thus, you’ll be able to see which activities and events you’ll participate in being a student there.

Future college

Make friends before you arrive on campus

You definitely will feel more comfortable if you make friends before you even arrive. You can find out about freshmen meetings, events and activities through social media groups or accounts. It may turn out that some of these freshmen live nearby, so you can meet for coffee. Seeing familiar faces in your new setting does matter, believe me!

Prepare your dorm room

Start thinking about the way you’d like your dorm room looks like right now. It’s so exciting, really it’s just your dorm room decorations, but at the same time, it’s a new step in your life full of new things and decorations either. The process of pre-college shopping is only worth!

Your first week has to be planned

You can be active from the very beginning, just check out freshmen events and meetings in order to be able to participate in them during your first week on campus. Don’t waste your time, be active, meet new people and dive deeper in the unknown aspects of campus life.

Going into a freshman year with positive thoughts and mood is really important, believe me. It doesn’t really matter where you attend school; your positive and optimistic attitude and desire to study that means a lot. So, be open to all new opportunities and experiences and be active from very the start!


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