Becoming a Superhero in Blogging

June 6, 2017

Forget about boring academic approach to blog writing if you want to be successful. Apply fresh thinking to it. For example, what would Batman do if he were you?

Does such example sound foolish to you? Not to us. Just think about it. Professional blog writing can really be compared to completing important missions. If you think about it this way, you can find it much easier to understand the whole process.

So, let’s think of blog writing from the perspective of Batman!

What would Batman do?

So, here are couple of steps a real superhero would take to complete his mission.

  • Step 1: Wearing a mask

Unlike many other superheroes (like, for example, Superman), Batman prefers wearing a mask. It makes other people perceive him like someone more than just an ordinary man.

The same situation can be applied to blog writing. Wearing a mask will make you act instead of wait for things to happen. Think of yourself as a real professional and be him! Wearing a super blog writer mask will oblige you to improve yourself all the time and write blogs which will surprise even you!


  • Step 2: Plan!

Unlike, for example, Superman, who can rush into fight with his bare hands using only his superpowers, let’s not forget that Batman is just an ordinary man! The power of a hero is not in being super strong or invincible but in being inventive and cautious. As a result, planning is what always helps.

Batman plans, be like Batman!

Start your blogging career from creating your own website. Make it your secret cave and start all preparations from there. It will be much easier for you to offer your blogging services if you have a portfolio. Moreover, do not make your website look like an information stock. Make it professionally organized so you could make a right impression.

The other part of preparation for work includes reading instructions carefully when you get an assignment. Many bloggers ignore this rule counting only on their experience and fail. Do not be like them.

  • Step 3: Make you own code

Batman may not be the most ethical hero ever but at least he clearly knows his goals.

Just like a superhero, know what your aim in blogs writing is and stick to it. It means that if you want to become a professional blogger and write for famous companies, you should try to reach your aim at any cost. Do not take doubtful gigs just to earn a couple of dollars, as it may actually be published with your name on it. Do you really want to ruin your reputation? We bet it is not what Batman would do.

So, after clearly outlining your goals, you can start your way towards success. No one says that it will be easy (Ask Batman!), but like a real superhero, you should never give up and always keep moving forward!


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