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Best Renting Tips for College Students Part 1

March 21, 2017

This article is a handy guide for all the students who deal with renting. It doesn’t matter whether you rent for the first time or you have had such experience. You will find the answers to the most concerning questions and issues in the ensuing paragraphs. We will help you to enter the rental market wisely and prudently. Don’t be afraid of rental scams since you will learn how to identify and avoid them.

In order to stay away from the highly priced pitfalls, you need to be aware of the rental process to the full possible extent. Therefore, consider the following questions before renting anything.

What can you afford to rent?

Considering the fact that rent is the most significant expenditure, an average renter has to establish a monthly budget taking into account a convenient rent. The ideal option is to spend no more than 30% of your income on rent and utilities monthly.

Typical recurring costs are rent, utilities (sometimes they are included in rent), and miscellaneous services (the Internet, cable, phone, etc.). However, do not forget about upfront costs such as first month rent, last month rent, security deposit, etc.

Student Renter's Guide part 1

What is the rental market all about?

The rental market rises and falls irregularly depending on the time of the year and location. It is the best to start looking for a place to live following graduation when grads will move instead of the last weeks of summer when you may find difficulties finding a suitable flat or house.

How to choose a roommate

In order to have no troubles with your roommate, you need to pay attention to the basic considerations (a reliable source of income every month, pets, lifestyle choices, etc.). It is also important to trust this person and to be able to divide home responsibilities. Given that the majority of students live with a couple of roommates, it is vital to find compatible ones.

Remember, a good roommate is cooperative and respectful. So, if you feel that you won’t find a common language with a potential roommate, do not start living together.

What type of property is it better to rent?

Most students decide on renting an apartment or a house. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

The best thing about an apartment is that it has a private and secure entry. However, hallways and entryways might be abused or neglected. You will also have to share space with other dwellers (for instance, laundry rooms).

The house is more spacious, and since there are more tenants, it is a cheaper option to rent. Besides, you may have a yard where you can have parties or spend your free time. Conversely, a house requires more maintenance, and the less people you share space with, the pricier it may happen to be.

Consider the mentioned above tips, and make your final decision. I sincerely wish you to pick the best suitable option and don’t have any troubles with your rent. Have a positive renting experience!


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