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Best Summer Jobs for College Students

February 3, 2017

Looking for student summer jobs? Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, there are thousands of summer job opportunities for young people: bartenders, nannies, lawn mowers, and so on. Boring? Don’t worry, there are also some special offers for creative and demanding people like you. Check out what we’ve got here!

If You’re Extraordinary

Attention! This is a niche market, so the job is not for everyone. However, if you like wearing funky clothes and you think you are extremely good at chitchatting, you can try working at big events. There are always some positions for cigarette girls/boys. Plus, you can meet some important people there and initiate good contacts. So, if you feel you can do more than flip burgers at McDonald’s, the job is for you.

If You Fancy Sport

Try finding a job with a local sports team. No, we are not talking about you becoming a goalkeeper (even if you are extremely talented, they wouldn’t accept you right away J). But you still can do some useful stuff and be paid for it. You can work at the stadium, make copies at the office, take care of sports equipment, and so on. This is how you can get closer to the team, show your own skills when the moment is favorable, and become a team member yourself! Dream big!

Unusual Jobs for College Students

If You Are an Artist

Do you know that artists also work in a team? Yes, successful artists need help quite often. Check out local newspapers or websites to see if there are any offers like this. It doesn’t matter what you are going to do ‒ paint minor details, take care of brushes or just do the shopping ‒ you will get a chance to learn the peculiarities of the artistic endeavor and see whether this life is good for you.

If You Want to Be an Actor

No matter where you live, there’s always someone making a movie/TV show/commercial somewhere not far from your place. Why not try being an extra? It often requires just sitting at a table in a cozy place, so you can read your favorite book and be paid. And, of course, you can tell your friends you’ve been starring in a movie.

If You Like PR

The sphere of public relations is versatile. One of the best options for a student is becoming a secret shopper. You buy products for the money of your employer, you control the quality of goods, you may get a juicy discount, and you earn some cash. So, take your big shopper bag and have fun!

If You Like Performing

Summer is the perfect time for parties. It means people will be glad to pay you big money if you agree to be a clown at their kid’s B-party. The good thing is that this kind of job doesn’t require you to have a fixed schedule.

As you have probably noticed, summer jobs can be really exciting! Be creative and find something you really enjoy.


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