Many different sites provide custom writing services, but the quality of these services is often questionable. Every other company claims to be the most dependable and experienced, but there is absolutely no information to back up these claims. We ask you to be careful and objective, while choosing a writing company. It is extremely important for you, since this company will become your writing partner. You need to be sure that the company you choose fulfills its promises. You must be sure that the company you choose will not lead you to a failure. With, you will have everything needed to get an original, custom written paper within the specified deadline. We have a long history of commitment to quality and originality in custom writing. Just look at the following table and see how different we are from the rest of custom writing companies.

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Our company is a legitimate writing service, with years of positive performance behind our back, a strong commitment to authenticity and quality, and solid money back guarantees. Check our policies to learn more.

Fraudulent companies claim that they are physically located in either the U.S. or the U.K. but provide no information to prove the point.

We guarantee authentic, custom written papers, without a single word of plagiarism. Your professor will never suspect you of plagiarism.

Other companies supply their customers with plagiarized content; as a result, you can either fail your course or even face legal responsibility.

We are committed to writing original papers according to the instructions provided by the customers. Our customers are the sole proprietors of the papers they order from us.

Other companies sell the same paper to more than one customer; because of plagiarism, many students had to leave their colleges.

We charge no extra or hidden fees – you know the price of your paper before you submit your payment.

Other companies earn their profits by charging hidden fees; as a result, when you are ready to place the order, you suddenly realize that the price is higher than you could expect.

We work only with Native English professionals, who hold one or more Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. These professionals simply don’t know how to write bad papers!

Many writing companies hire foreign writers, who have no skills or experience writing advanced English papers. As a result, the best you can get for their papers is an “F” or even get expelled from the University.

We have a dependable system of customer support, which is available to use 24/7. Contact us any time, through toll-free phone lines, e-mails or live chat. We can provide answers to any questions related to your order.

With other companies, you experience serious communication difficulties and can never reach their customer support. Their phones are silent, and their live chat operators are always offline. Thus, you never know what is going on with your paper.

With us, you can contact the writer directly. Send messages and get replies from our writers quickly and professionally!

Other companies do not allow their customers to contact the writer. This is why customers fail to provide detailed paper directions and cannot be sure that the writer follows all paper requirements word for word.

We can deliver your paper even before the specified deadline.

Most writing companies violate deadline terms. Receiving the paper within the deadline specified by you is never guaranteed.

We do not make any unreasonable claims, and we don’t say that we offer the lowest prices. We reasonably understand that quality papers cannot be free. We also understand that our professional writers will never work for free. We write custom papers from the scratch, based on the order requirements provided by you. So, when you see someone is offering a cheaper service, stop and ask yourself, whether it is worth saving a dollar or two on writing quality. We at select the best of the best writers to work in our company. Our writers respect their contribution to our company, and writing for them is a career. We do our best to maintain the best balance of affordable prices and superior writing quality. This is why, when you place an order with us, you always know that your paper will be the best!