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Can Colleges Take Their Offers Back?

September 8, 2017

Imagine a situation: you have completed half of your senior year being already accepted in college. Everything goes smoothly, and all of a sudden, you find out that your dreams about entering the college are doomed – you either think that college may not accept you for some reason or you find out that they’re not accepting you for real. You may be thinking: Can one mistake really ruin my dreams or is it just a myth and I can be withdrawn if I was already accepted?

If you’re into situation like that, know that you’re not the only one, because a lot of students are wondering if the school is able to withdraw the admission offer.

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes” – they have the right to withdraw the admission offer.

What could be the reason for such a decision?

In fact, reasons can be very different. However, they are mostly centered around the following:

  • Student started to perform poorly during the senior year
  • Pending senior year coursework stayed unfinished
  • College discovered that application form contained false information
  • College discovered that essay written by the student was plagiarized 
  • Student was expelled or suspended from high school 

College paper

As you see – reasons are pragmatic and easy to understand. Here’s how you can prevent such an unfortunate scenario from happening:  

  • Don’t get in trouble with law and in your school
  • Don't reduce your performance
  • Never engage in plagiarism of essays
  • Fill in your application with truthful information
  • Complete all coursework and classes for graduation

Sometimes, students lose motivation during the senior year, but in case you were already accepted in college, you need to stay focused whatever it takes. Otherwise, you will let your inner demons jeopardize your future, and that’s not what you want, because you’ve worked so hard to attain it. It will be such a shame if you allow letting yourself down by expressing weakness in such an important moment. Recollect why you have desired to enter the college in the first place, recollect the joy that you felt when you found out that you were admitted to college. Finally, imagine what your life would be like if you end up deprived of your dream. This should definitely get your motivation back.

In case you find out that the unfortunate scenario is unfolding, don’t hesitate to contact the admission office of the college that you plan to attend and find out what happened. Maybe it’s not late to fix this situation. In any case, try to influence the situation with the means that are available to you. If you’re not sure how to approach the admission office, go to your high school counselor and ask for help – they will be glad to help you and work out the best possible solution.


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