Can Tattoos Influence Employment?

May 5, 2017

Young people always pursue their inner longing to prove their maturity and capability to make their own decisions at all costs. How to show the whole world, including your parents, friends, and teachers that you are an adult?

Well, why not get a tattoo?

This bright mark will announce that nobody can stop you from doing things your way. Frankly speaking, nowadays making tattoos is a very popular trend, particularly among susceptible young minds that see their favorite actress getting a name of her ex-lover tattooed on her shoulder or a professional soccer player showing off a newly tattooed shoulder. Nowadays, youngsters, being bombarded by such examples, start to perceive a tattoo as something super cool, not thinking how it can change their social life and aggravate their future image as an employee.

As statics show student’s years are the period of time when the vast majority of young people get at least one tattoo. While some persuade their parents it was a long nurturing idea to have a tattoo and that it possesses a particular meaning, there are a number of students who do this as a bet or part of a drinking game. However, when the adrenaline rush dies down, one can find it surprising or even shocking to look in the mirror. This permanent act can significantly complicate the social life, especially if a tattoo has not been thought through.


When college life is not so demanding and strict in its judgments, professional life might be. It is not a secret that while applying for various vacancies, students with tattoos will have to face the result of such an impulsive act. Some employers, especially the companies that have the strong social etiquette or that deal with the public field, consider having tattoos unacceptable and unprofessional. It might sound ridiculous and quite old-fashioned for the young generation, but that’s how it is in the business world. Managers tend to perceive applicants with tattoos as too impulsive, not very intelligent, and unreliable. To be completely honest, how many lawyers, top managers, or politicians have you seen with a tattoo on their neck, or shoulder, or arm? This confirms that if you plan to climb your career ladder higher than simply an assistant position, think twice before jumping on the train with the tattooed folk.

All in all, tattoos are not something good or bad and it is definitely up to every person to decide whether to get one or not. However, it should be a balanced decision and you should always bear in mind that this is not a temporary thing, so be prepared that you might stop liking it, or it may distort over the years. After all, there is no possibility to find out what ideas, tastes or preferences you will have in the future?


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