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High-school and first-year college students are often asked to classify and categorize information presenting the results of their work in a separate document. And this is where they start googling classification essay examples for free. Here, the logic is clear: it is better to see a good sample paper once than to hear about it a hundred times.

Thus, our experienced writers have prepared an article about this type of work, its peculiarities, structure, and format. Of course, you will also find a sample classification essay here. Check our useful writing tips and prepare a paper that will bring you excellent grades!

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What Is a Classification Essay?

First of all, it is necessary to find out what this type of essay is. Simply put, classification essay is aimed to show student’s skills in proper generalization and categorization. Most often, you will have to structure things into certain categories and provide examples for each category. You have the right to choose the classification criteria but remember that you need to think logically. Producing an outstanding classification essay is an art that requires flawless knowledge of the specific structure and format of this type of writing. The student also needs to know all the peculiar features of the outline writing, topic selection, and choosing relevant examples.

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How to Make a Classification Essay Great

Being a specific type of writing, classification assignment requires proper organization of ideas and establishment of logical connections in the text. It is necessary to classify all the arguments into specific categories and organize all the ideas properly. Moreover, the chosen categories should correspond to the topic of the paper.
The writer is free to choose from a variety of classification essay topics; however, it is essential to keep in mind three important aspects. First, the subject of the essay is supposed to be reflected in all the used categories. This rule is the basis of professional classification. Second, your categorization should be based on one universal logical principle, no matter how many categories you have. Third, each of the categories presented should contain bright examples.

The Structure of an Essay

What is a classification essay? This question is the basis for the proper structure of this type of writing. The easiest way to structure your work is to use a so-called ‘five paragraphs’ method. Of course, you are free to add additional sections to your document. It will depend on the instructions you receive from your tutor.

Effective Outline of your Essay

All classification essays need well-written outlines that present the key facts and follow the main principles of writing. A solid academic paper is always based on a perfect outline which requires great effort and time to be written properly.

Five Steps to a Strong Outline


  • Introduction

You should start from the introductory paragraph. Identify the selected subject and explain what will be categorized. Provide the document’s purpose as well. Explain the reason for items categorization. The introductory part should always contain a strong thesis statement that is supposed to reveal the topic and the principles of classification. A thesis is good if it justifies the selection of certain categories used for classification. Besides, the structure of the thesis statement should be logical and precise. It should highlight the theme, the peculiarities of classification, and the categories used. A student knows how to write this type of paper if they use not more than three categories in the essay; therefore, the classification will be clear and not blurred.

An example of a good thesis statement is the following sentence. There are three benefits of exchange for the students: getting a good education, becoming more experienced, and an opportunity to learn the cultures.

  • Main Body

As stated above, it is recommended to present no more than three categories in the body of the paper, starting from the least important to the most important one. Each one should contain several examples. The brightest examples are provided in the third category. An effective division and classification essay has a single organizing principle in each category. Explain the criteria for a particular category at the beginning. Provide suitable examples in each category. Include a concluding sentence at the end of the paragraph to make paragraphs sound logical.

  • Conclusion

A good conclusion of an essay restates the thesis and summarizes the analyzed categories. Here you need to unite all the discussed categories. Usually, it is done in a form of a short summary. Pay attention to your specific instructions and, if necessary, provide recommendations in conclusion. In addition, it is important to explain why you have come to this particular conclusion. Make sure you do not provide any new ideas and discuss new points in this section. This mistake is common among students and is one of the reasons for low grades. Thus, please try to avoid such mistakes when creating your masterpiece.

Classification Essay Format

Any type of paper, including a classification essay, should be formatted according to the professor’s instructions. The topic and subject determine whether the essay is formatted in AMA, APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian style. The most essential requirement to formatting is to be consistent in all the elements of the essay: fonts, spacing, titles, paragraphs, headings, indentation, page numbers, works cited, as well as direct/indirect citations in the text.

Classification and Division Essay Topics and Examples

It is possible to find a large collection of essay samples in various databases just to have an idea of proper structuring and formatting. However, it is important to remember about the principle of originality and proper selection of topics. Logical connections and proper organization are the cornerstones of success in classification writing.

Writing a classification essay is a task that requires a delicate approach and considerable effort. If you understand the topic and have plenty of ideas, your essay writing will be superb. In case you are hesitant about the topic or you are not sure that your skills are sufficient for excellent writing, contact us any time to get assistance.

Correct Use of Classification Essays Samples

Checking classification essays samples may help to understand the peculiarities of this written assignment. Still, it is not recommended to copy any phrases or ideas from free samples. Today, every student’s paper is checked for originality using special plagiarism detection tools. The latest technologies allow one to detect even hidden plagiarism (the one where original ideas are paraphrased without any citations). So, you should resist the temptation to substitute words with synonyms and turn in someone else’s essay as your own.

Check Our Classification Essay Free Example

Below we provide a five-paragraph classification essay free example. There you will clearly see how a claim made in a thesis statement is coherently discussed in the next three paragraphs and restated in the concluding section. The data gathered are grouped logically. Still, this is only a simplified version of the paper. It doesn’t contain any direct/indirect quotes or a reference page. If you need more profound help with your paper or if you want a professional and highly-educated writer to create an excellent essay for you, place an order on our website or contact our support agents.

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