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How to Write an Excellent Classification Essay

Classification essay

Producing an outstanding classification essay is an art that requires flawless knowledge of the specific structure and format of this type of writing. The student also needs to know all the peculiar features of the outline writing, topic selection, and choosing relevant examples.

How to Make a Classification Essay Great

Being a specific type of writing, classification assignment requires proper organization of ideas and establishment of exact logical connections in the text. It is necessary to do the sorting of all the essay arguments in specific categories and organize all the ideas properly. Moreover, all the chosen categories should correspond to the topic of the essay.

 The writer is free to choose from a variety of classification essay topics; however, it is essential to keeping mind three important aspects. Firstly, the subject of the essay is supposed to be reflected in all the used categories; that rule is the basis of professional classification. Secondly, there should be one universal logical principle in the basis of all categories notwithstanding their quantity. Thirdly, there should be bright examples in every of the presented categories.

Effective Outline of the Essay

All classification essays need well-written outlines as a presentation of the key facts and principles of writing. A good essay is always based on a perfect outline which requires great effort and time to be written in a good way.


The Structure of an Essay

What is a classification essay? This question is the basis for proper structure of this type of writing developed on the appropriate construction of the relevant categories.

  • Introduction

The introductory part should always contain a strong thesis statement that is supposed to reveal the topic and the principles of classification. A thesis is good if it justifies the selection of certain categories used for classification. Besides, the structure of the thesis statement should be logical and precise; it contains the theme, the peculiarities of classification, and the used categories. A student knows how to write a classification essay if they use not more than three categories in an essay; therefore, the classification will be clear and not blurred.

The example of a good thesis statement is the following sentence. There are three benefits of exchange for the students: getting good education, becoming more experienced, and an opportunity to learn the cultures. 

  • Main Body

It is recommended to ensure that the body of the assignment contains three categories, starting from the least important to the most important. Each of the categories should contain a number of examples, although the third one is supposed to have the brightest of them. An effective division and classification essay has a single organizing principle in every of the categories, which are organized on the basis of establishing certain groups of arguments.

  • Conclusion

A good conclusion of an essay restates the thesis and summarizes the analyzed categories.

Classification Essay Definition and Format

Any type of essays, including a classification essay, can have different formatting in accordance with the professor’s instruction. The topic and subject determine whether the essay is formatted in AMA, APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian style. The most essential requirement to formatting is to be consistent in all the elements of the essay: fonts, spacing, titles, paragraphs, headings, indentation, page numbers, works cited, as well as using emphasis and justification.

Classification and Division Essay Topics and Examples

It is possible to find a large collection of essay samples in various databases just to have an idea of proper structuring and formatting. However, it is important to remember about the principle of originality and proper selection of topics. Logical connections and proper organization are the cornerstones of success in classification writing.

Writing a classification essay is a task that requires delicate approach and considerable effort. If you understand the topic and have plenty of ideas, your essay writing will be superb. In case you are hesitant about the topic or you are not sure that your skills are sufficient for excellent writing, contact us any time to get assistance.

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