College Admission Essay Topics

December 2, 2016

Selecting interesting college admission essay topics is rather complicated. However, it is even more difficult to write an original paper on the chosen subject. The thing is that your work will help the admission board understand who you are. That is why it should be well-written in order to show that you are a suitable applicant for an educational establishment. When reading your piece of writing, the committee will see whether you are able to express your opinion about some issues. Moreover, your essay will show whether you know how to critically evaluate the situation. Surely, it is not easy to pick a fascinating topic. Nevertheless, it is still possible. All you need to do is express your personality. For this reason, you should think about what you are good at. Do not forget to provide arguments to prove the stated facts. The most important thing is stick to the chosen topic and cover it fully.

It is obvious that you want the board to understand that you are responsible and hard-working. They should know that you possess remarkable skills and are eager to achieve your goals. However, when writing a college admissions essay, you should not idealize yourself. The committee may think that you are inexperienced.

When producing your admission essay, it is necessary to show that you can overcome difficulties. The members of the board are usually impressed with such applicants. Therefore, you may describe how you have failed in a competition or something like that. It is understandable that you have got a lot of awards. However, it is very important to show that you have drawn useful lessons from made mistakes.

College Admission Essay Topics

When preparing such type of paper, you should bear in mind one important thing. You should not blame anyone for your failure. Do not try to make excuses for losing a contest, for example. The thing is that some applicants like to give a number of reasons for missing an opportunity to achieve great results in something. On the contrary, when producing your admissions essay, you need to show that you are a goal-oriented person and can tackle any problem. You do understand that the future plans may be ruined. However, you are ready to face the challenge and fulfill your purpose.

Down below, there is a list of the most popular college admission essay topics:

  • Talk about your experience of being a volunteer. Explain why you have decided to become the one.
  • Describe the competition which you have lost. Try to explain how you have coped with difficulties and managed to succeed when participating in other activities.
  • Talk about the ways of meeting your aspirations.
  • Point out your key features. Show that you differ from others because you have outstanding abilities.
  • Describe a memorable event that happened in your life. Tell whether you have gained experience from it.
  • Talk about the skills you would like to broaden because someone you respect possesses them
  • Discuss something that has influenced you greatly.
  • Describe the most boring class. State the reasons for being uninterested in it.
  • What helped you become more responsible?
  • Analyze a difficult situation you have faced. Tell how your friends have supported you. You may also talk about the way you have helped your friend solve some problems.


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