It is crucial to understand that writing a college application essay is a troublesome task that requires much time, diligence and patience. A lot depends on the efficiency of this specific paper, as it is one of the key factors that determine whether you are enrolled in a college of your dream. You are an ambitious person willing to pursue a career after you get excellent education. You have chosen a college and want to study there. Everything is in your hands, but the task is actually not an easy one.

 Be ready to overcome a number of problems and hardships on your way to a dream. The task can be accomplished only if you realize all the challenges and have thorough understanding of what you need to do. One of the things you are expected to do is submitting a flawless common application essay that will impress the committee. You will be enrolled only if you cope with writing this paper perfectly.

It is a time-consuming task to write a good college application essay, but that time is worth it. It actually determines your future success and well-being. Unfortunately, a lot of applicants fail in writing good essays and cannot make their dreams come true. Summon up your strength and achieve what you really want.

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How to Format a College Application Essay: Expert Tips

Application essay writing can be a truly interesting process since it requires telling a personal story focusing on one’s own personal qualities, which makes the author different from the crowd. Unfortunately, some students cannot cope with this assignment successfully since they do not know the essentials of application essay writing. If you also do not know how to format a college application essay, check out our helpful tips.

1.    Read Your Prompt Carefully 
The common mistake of many students is that they miss important points required in the prompt. To avoid this mistake, you need to read your prompt thoroughly. We assure you that taking time to understand the instruction well will help you avoid unpleasant surprises when the paper is written.  Moreover, when the essay is completed, check again if it follows the prompt precisely because the major part of your grade depends on meeting the requirements.
Usually, the application essay requires developing one-two interesting ideas that can help reveal your personality. Such an essay is a wonderful chance for you to demonstrate your creativity, so you need to dedicate enough time and efforts to writing it. 
Before brainstorming, think about the purpose of your writing. Are you going to persuade your reader of something? Defend your viewpoint? Tell the story? Whatever the purpose is, do not even try to neglect this assignment. Remember that it is one more step towards the academic success. 
Cannot find out how to format a college application essay? Avoid searching for the pre-written application essays on your topic. Undoubtedly, there are many samples available online, however, we assure you that submitting such a paper, you will be accused of plagiarism that will cause many problems in your educational institution.  Moreover, these essays will not help you reach your goal and demonstrate your personal strengths. 
So, get ready to the interesting writing process and go ahead!

2.    Brainstorm
Brainstorming is an entertaining process that helps the writer abstract and think about the topic. So, get rid of all distractors and write down every thought that comes to your head within the scope of your topic. Do not be afraid if these ideas seem irrelevant or weird. They are just needed for you to understand the topic better and listen to yourself. Indeed, the brainstorming process may be even more tedious than the writing itself since it aims to flash out all the possible ideas that will be developed further. 
•    Reflect on your topic. If your topic is to write your personal story, think about how would you describe yourself. How would your friends describe you? When reflecting, try to understand what makes you better than other applicants. 
•    Write down all the ideas. Indeed, there is no a better technique than writing down the idea right after it comes to your head. 
•    Narrow down the written ideas. Now it is time to focus on the most meaningful ideas. Choose the ones that will fit the prompt best of all and reveal your potential. Choosing the most interesting points, think about your audience. What ideas can be interesting to your reader?
•    Choose one story that seems the most appropriate and exciting and develop it. Remember that this story should be a perfect demonstration of your skills, abilities, beliefs, and achievements. 

3.    Create an Outline
A good outline serves as the map for you to avoid getting lost in the variety of your ideas. We assure you that the outline is the inevitable part of writing a good essay. Even the experienced cooks rely on their recipes because they do not want to miss the important points. After brainstorming, you will know what to say whereas after creating the outline, you will know how to say it. A good outline breaks down the essay into several sections:
–    All stories should have the beginning, the development, and the culmination. Writing an application essay, you also need to shape it so that it could have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Following the classic structure, you will be able to make your essay coherent and easy-to-read.
–    Think about a strategy. Your introduction should contain an interesting hook that will engage your reader from the very first lines. Do you want to start with an appropriate anecdote? Not bad. Your introduction identifies not only the topic but also the tone in which the story will be told. 
–    Stick to your own voice and writing style. It is particularly important for you to sound natural when writing an application essay. 

4.    Start Writing the Essay
At this stage, you know what to write and how to write, So, go ahead, take your laptop, and start creating your application essay. Following your outline point by point, you will be impressed how easy it is to hop from one idea to another. However, do not forget to use the transition words to make your writing smoother and more coherent. 
–    Try not to lose the attention of your reader from the first lines until the end. 
–    Be specific. Try to avoid the clichés, jargon, and predictable phrases since thee will spoil the overall impression of your essay. 
–    Be yourself. Do not be afraid to sound too selfish when speaking about your strengths. The application officers have read hundreds, if not thousands, of application essays, and they are tired of reading the same things again and again. To assess your essay with the positive grade, they want it to be creative, eye-catching, and thought-provoking. Using the humor whenever it is appropriate is always a good option. 
–    Be concise. Do not use 100 words if 50 will do. Follow your word count requirements and do not exceed it.

5.    Proofread Your Essay
This is the last stage of the writing process. Even if you think that your essay is written perfectly, do not hesitate to proofread it and fix all mistakes. We assure you that the typos or grammatical errors will show your carelessness and irresponsible attitude to work, which would significantly reduce your chances for getting the desired grade. Below you will find a few tips for better proofreading:
–    Give yourself some time. When the essay is written, wait for a while before proofreading it. Taking a pause will help you become more attentive and focused when proofreading. 
–    Do not rely on the grammar checking programs too much. Undoubtedly, you may use the computer check but only as the additional option. The computer cannot detect the context in which you use the words, therefore, such a check cannot be considered as valid.
–    Let another person read your essay. He/she will notice the mistakes and tell you if the essay sounds interesting.
–    Finally, submit your essay within the deadline specified.

Still do not know what to write in college application essay? We assure you that the best option is to write about something outstanding; something that makes you different from others. 
In conclusion, we hope that our tips will help you understand how to format a college application essay. Keep in mind that dedicating much time and efforts to the writing process, you will be able to impress the application committee and achieve the desired outcome.

College Application Essay Sample

 Doctor of Pharmacy degree program is one of the programs which every health professional should not hesitate to undertake. This is based on the fact that the program fuels the development of the health professionals in the field. The vision and the learning system applied in the system are geared towards the improvement of the skills of the learners.

The College of The Pharmacy and Health Sciences is led by certain set of core values. One of the core values of the school is innovation. Innovation is one of the most important attributes that helps in the development of the heath professionals. This value is applied with the help of intensified research. The college offers opportunity to the learners to conduct research on different areas of the study. Through this process, the program assists me to gain knowledge on application of different concepts that are necessary for a health professional.

Another core value that is emphasized by the school is caring. The main duty of a healthcare professional is to care for the sick. This core value will therefore help me in execution of my duties as a healthcare professional at a greater extent. I will gain those caring aspects required for the healthcare professional thereby improving my competence.

The  University has a well developed block schedule system. This system allows me to take few classes in a long duration of time. The system also ensures that every topic is given enough time to practice and analyze what has been learnt. In the process, I will be able to capture every concept making me a competent health care professional. The process will also reduce time wastage because there will be no frequent shifting from one class to another. I could then use the spared time to learn more things that will help me in improving my skills. Through the system of block scheduling, I will be able to acquire time saving skills. Time is a very important but scarce factor in every profession. By acquiring these skills, I will be able to perform my duties exhaustively in order to maximize the utility derived by the patients from my services.

Another benefit of studying  University is that the students' affairs office assists the students in getting internships and employment. This is by putting electronic notice boards on all strategic places which informs the students about the available positions. This helps the students in gaining the necessary work experience hence fostering their career development.

 University has been ranked top ten in the South as the most comprehensive universities in U.S. News & World Report's. It has also been ranked number 8 in the South as the Best Regional Universities. This provides a good reputation which may help me to secure a very competitive job in the leading health institutions. In these institutions, I will be able to interact with highly experienced staff that will assist me in building my career as a healthcare professional.

In conclusion, the above discussion has clearly indicated the benefits of participation in the  Doctor of Pharmacy degree program. The program is designed in a way such that the students would gain maximum benefits from it. It is therefore advisable for all students who are wishing to pursue a career as healthcare professionals to choose this school.

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