College Burnout Symptoms

November 15, 2016

College Burnout Symptoms

The word “burnout” appeared a short time ago. In 1974, Herbert Freudenberger, the American psychologist, used this word for the first time to denote the disappearance of motivation caused by the failure to achieve the desirable results despite one's devotion. Excessive stress can entail burnout that, in its turn, triggers physical exhaustion (lack of energy and weakened immune system) and emotional exhaustion (tedium and absence of motivation). Actually, college burnout and regular burnout are similar states. The main difference between these states is that regular burnout concerns employees, while college burnout happens am ong college students. Here are the most common burnout symptoms that students may experience at college.

7 Signs of College Burnout

Lack of Motivation

Lack of motivation is one of the signs of burnout. Students do not want to achieve success anymore. Although they tend to complete the assigned tasks, they do not attempt to take any extra efforts.

Prolonged Lack of Energy

College burnout ordinarily entails energy deficiency. As a result, students feel tired even after completing normal activities. They experience constant fatigue all day long.

Total Boredom

Boredom is a common feeling that students experience during college burnout. They lose interest in everything that excited them before. Their best-loved hobbies become worthless and boring for them.

7 Signs of College Burnout

Poor Concentration

Students, who suffer from college burnout, cannot focus on studying and various tasks. Lack of motivation and boredom extremely complicate the learning process, whereas student’s mind often wander.

Constantly Lower Grades

Poor concentration and lack of motivation contribute to lowering students’ grades. They cannot successfully achieve educational goals, which deepens their sense of failure. Therefore, students become more tired.


During college burnout, even sociable students become detached from their friends. They prefer loneliness rather than large gatherings. Such behavior can be explained by the fact that they are afraid of others’ opinion regarding themselves since they have lost their motivation and demonstrate poor performance.

Lowered Immunity to Various Diseases

College burnout also weakens students’ immune system. Their health worsens without any visible causes, and they complain of neck pain, back pain, or constant headaches. Because of weakened immunity, they are more likely to catch the flu.

If you notice you have any of the symptoms, you probably are a victim of college stress and burnout. In this case, you should immediately visit your doctor since college burnout entails many negative consequences.


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