College Difficulties for Left-Handed People

July 4, 2017

Despite the fact that left-handed people make up about 12% of world population, their needs are often left overlooked. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal until you end up in an environment that appears to be created mostly to meet the comfort requirements of right-handed people. One of such environments is college. Here are three difficulties you are likely to deal with when being a left-handed college student.


You might be lucky to spot a left-handed desk in a smaller classroom, but they never exist in lecture halls. The explanation is simple – it’s done to save the space. The foldable desktops are attached to every chair on the right side to create a neat line of sits and put as many people as possible in a limited space.

If your dominating hand is the left one, then you might be familiar with the feeling of pain in your muscles after you awkwardly hover your left arm in the air for an hour. You might try to find a suitable sitting position that will enable you to rest your arm, but in most cases, it means your spine will be twisted and soon complaining too. To avoid this, try to sit next to an empty desk to your left.


Such simple thing as a spiral in a notebook will never catch the attention of a right-handed person, but for the “lefties” it’s a real enemy. Not being able to rest your hand leads to a messy handwriting and it’s a serious subject of exasperation for people who want to have pretty and well-organized notes.

Speaking of writing in general, left-handed Arabic people definitely have it better because they don’t have to deal with smudged ink that occurs when your hand touches the paper writing from left to right. Not to get annoyed with these things, you may consider avoiding notebooks with binders and invest in a fast-drying pen or write with a pencil.

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This refers not only to college, but you’ll face a lot of problems in public eating areas. Unless you sit at the end of the table, bumping elbows with the person sitting to your left is almost inevitable. When it’s not your close friend, this kind of interaction might soon become awkward because it’s likely to reoccur.

Also, keep a look on your drink. Not giving it a second thought, the person on your left might accidentally grab it assuming it’s theirs since you put it within their reach. It can be a nice laugh in a group of friends, but you probably won’t be a fan of a random stranger sipping on your drink.

Being a left-handed person is fun and exciting most of the time. People are always intrigued by them since they stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, it also means they have to face some difficulties. That’s probably the price they have to pay for being unique.


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