College Students’ Tips on How to Shop

October 10, 2017

One of the questions that have always been on the top list of college students’ questions is “How to buy more food while spending less amount of money on it?” There are several ways out following which a student has both full refrigerator and pocketsJ

Make a list of the necessary stuff to spend less

Always keep a track of all the products you need to buy to supply yourself with good healthy meals every day. Make it your habit of writing down all the necessary items on a list and strictly stick to that list you’ve done in advance. In such a way, it will be easier for you to concentrate only on the required products and not to spend money on something you don’t really need.

Look for products on sale

To save up, it is highly recommended to pay attention to all the grocery store ads. Usually, they provide customers with valuable information, for example, which products are on the sale or have a special price for a certain period of time or some offers like while buying one you get three and etc. There are also some coupon apps with the help of which it is easier to choose top bargains out of the wide variety of offers of the participating retailers. Such apps as Ibotta, SavingStar, RetailMeNot, Grocery IQ, and many others serve as a useful tool for building your shopping list as well as grabbing coupons that match your preferences.

How to shop

Avoid wasting money on unhealthy foods; instead learn to buy the nourishing food

One of the worst mistakes most students follow in a hope to spend less is buying fast food and different snacks to satisfy their hunger. In fact, we waste a lot of money on junk food and frozen microwave meals, which we should better not. On the contrary, each student’s aim should be buying affordable, hence, seasonal fruits and vegetables and never, listen, never throwing food away because of buying too much. However, the last one is already the following piece of adviceJ

Learn to buy and store larger portions of the bought food

It is not a secret that buying a larger bottle or packet of something you save up your money. The problem is that larger quantities of products have to be stored for a longer period of time and consequently can be quickly spoilt. In such cases, tip number one is to freeze fresh fruits and vegetables and even cooked meals as they retain their nutritiousness in a frozen condition. Or, for example, buy such fruits as avocado and bananas a bit unripe and wait for a few days until they are ready to consume.

In a nutshell, keep in mind that it is POSSIBLE to buy and eat healthy food even if your budget as a student is quite limited. There are multiple options like you can come to nothing more than in your list, look for discounts with the help of coupon apps and shop’s offers, freeze your food, buy seasonal products, or find any other way to grocery shop up to you.



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