Mind the Word Count Requirements

Over the years, the common app essay word limit has changed a little bit. At present, the number of words an application essay should consist of ranges from 250 to 650. If you are going to create such a piece of writing, you need to comply with the imposed requirements. Otherwise, your paper will not be accepted.

Some educational institutions admit that learners who consider the set common app essay word limit tight may send them the physical copies of their papers. However, you should not do it, as you may be regarded as a self-centered person.


Actually, the optimal word count for such an essay is something between 500 and 650 words. Such number of words is quite enough for discussing a specific idea thoroughly.

A good common app essay should demonstrate students’ outstanding abilities and personal qualities. Moreover, it has to be written up to standard and structured appropriately. That is why it is essential to choose a fascinating subject which you would like to explore. When producing this paper, you need to show the committee that you are well-educated and skilled. The board should understand that you do not lack creativity and inspiration for preparing superior pieces of writing.

It should be admitted that producing common app essays is the most efficient way to take the required course, especially for transferred students. Are you one of them? In this case, you need to present your previously gained accomplishments. It will help you sign up for the desired course. Furthermore, the committee will see that you are able to achieve impressive results in your academic field. Note that the board always looks for ambitious and motivated learners ready to work hard to achieve their goals.

Note that you should prepare a paper of superior quality. Besides, it has to be interesting. You should understand that there is a huge number of application works discussing various common app essay ideas. The members of the admission board read all of them carefully and pay attention to the key points describing students. That is why you need to make considerable effort to write it in the best way and present your candidacy attractively.

Do not Worry about the Question!

The questions the applicants need to discuss in their application essays may be interpreted in different ways. However, the manner you disclose the given prompt in is not what the educational establishments are focused on. Your personality is what they are interested in. According to the survey, a great number of schools give prospective students total freedom in interpreting the common application prompts.

You are free to choose any topic for your application paper. Even if your theme does not fit the suggested categories, do not be afraid to write about it. Consider it the so-called challenge. Begin generating ideas, look for information and you will cope with the task.

Make a Proper Structure

The common app essay papers differ from the argumentative pieces of writing you dealt with when studying at a high school. Certainly, they are argumentative in character too. The only difference is that when writing your application essay, you need to prove not a specific viewpoint on the explored subject but your suitability for the chosen college.

In order to succeed in delivering your message to the admission board, you have to organize your piece of writing in the right way. If you do not know exactly how to structure such type of papers, you should use the structural mode that is usually applied to academic works. Divide your essay into an introduction, body section, and a conclusion.

Mind the Tone of Writing

The majority of academic papers have to be created in a formal writing style. However, when it goes about application essays, you can make them a little bit personal. Once your work is produced, read it aloud to see whether it corresponds to your style of writing.

Still, you do need to stick to the established rules when composing your application essay. Its style cannot be too colloquial. It means that you should not use jargons, slang, or any other inappropriate means of expressing your thoughts. Since you are applying to an educational establishment, your writing project has to comply with the stylistic and grammar requirements.

Edit Your Essay

If you do not know how to write a common app essay or edit it, you may ask someone for help. However, mind that such a paper should reflect your understanding of the discussed matter. It means that if you ask your friends to edit your work, they will definitely detect a number of unjustified flaws in it (they would probably highlight the subject in a different manner). Thus, address professionals only!

Make a Thorough Proofreading

You have made much effort to create your paper, and you certainly expect to get it approved by the board. However, what if your project is riddled with errors which you have not noticed? Consider referring to professional editors to ensure that your text will contain no errors at all.

Does the question “How long should a college essay be?” bother you? Just produce the number of words indicated in your instructions.

Final Stage

Once your writing project is done, put a full stop and submit it. If you decide to reread it a few more times, you may go crazy. Every time you read it, you will spot the issues which you would like to alter.

Common App Essay Tips: Unnecessary Data

Information from Your Resume

The common app essays that worked are the pieces of writing that have managed to attract the boards’ attention to the applicant’s personality. If you also desire to interest the committee in your personality, do not include the information provided in your resume in your paper. Certainly, you may describe the items highlighted in your resume in greater detail, but stunning application essays are the ones that provide new data about the applicant.

Disputable Issues

You may be offered to discuss a controversial topic in your application essay. Do not get nervous! Just be honest and do not be afraid of expressing your opinion about the matter. In this way, your paper will sound natural and convincing.

Confusing Cases

If you are going to describe a situation which you have faced in your application essay, first you need to think whether it is not too personal. In case you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when talking about it, you should not share such an experience with readers. The point is that you will not be able to describe it vividly and convey your message to readers effectively. Select the theme which you are fully aware of and feel comfortable talking about.

Hackneyed Phrases

If using clichés in your piece of writing is unavoidable, go for it. However, if you can describe the subject without utilizing the so-called overused expressions, it is better not to use them. In this way, your paper will sound fresh. Even if your paper is focused on the moral aspects of some issues, do not end it with some boring set expressions.

Common app essay prompts
When writing an application paper, some difficulties may arise. Therefore, we offer you to draw your attention to the following handy common app essay prompts. If you follow them, you will be able to produce an exclusive work. As a result, you will be accepted to the selected educational establishment. By the way, you may also get professional online assistance with completing your assignment. Thus, consider the following:

Some students desire greatly to present their common accomplishments as tremendous achievements. Thus, they often exaggerate when discussing particular common app essay questions. Learners think that they will get extra scores in this way. Nevertheless, it does not always work out well. Remember that the board wants to get valuable and accurate information about applicants.

You may follow an informal writing style. However, your paper should be written in good language. You work may be produced in the form of a narrative. It should display your personal traits and profound knowledge of the subject. Moreover, it should present your opinion on specific common app essay topics. You need to try hard to prepare a top-notch piece of writing showing that you are a perfect applicant for the selected school.

When reading your common app essay, the members of the committee want to see whether you know how to describe events clearly. Thus, you should pick a suitable topic for your paper. You have to make sure that you will be able to cover it completely. Note that it is necessary to conduct detailed research to examine the issue thoroughly.

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