If your teacher has just asked you to write a comparative essay, it is a good choice to start working on the paper right away. At first, you will have to read our list of compare and contrast essay topics that are the most popular and easy to cover. Spend enough time to read the list till the end because much depends on your choice.

No matter what topics for a compare and contrast essay you choose, always pay attention to the audience and purpose of writing. It will help you generate proper ideas and choose a writing style (it does make a difference if your reader will be a friend or a professor). To successfully deal with a compare and contrast essay topic, you will have to create an outline and produce ideas that will be further extended in the first draft.

We have good topics for compare and contrast essays, but you should always handle the subject matter according to professor’s instructions. Check the task file and see what your paper should discuss (in other words, how many comparison and contrast paragraphs it should include). Though compare essay topics are pretty easy, the most challenging part is to present a proper discussion of similarities and differences, which will not confuse the reader. You can discuss both similarities and differences simultaneously or divide them into separate paragraphs.

The Most Effective Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Feeling confused vs. scared
  2. Small against big college campuses
  3. Singing and dancing
  4. Chelsea FC vs. Manchester United
  5. Madonna vs. Beyoncé
  6. The best friend and an acquaintance
  7. Extremely poor and almost homeless
  8. Donation vs. charity
  9. Compare and contrast the book “Goon with the Wind” and the movie
  10. Compare hurricanes to earthquakes
  11. Developed countries and developing countries
  12. Slim and overweight
  13. Happy and sad
  14. Friendship and hostility
  15. Friendship between females and males
  16. The President Bush vs. Obama
  17. Lying and acting
  18. Being active and being lazy
  19. A car and a bicycle
  20. Democratic power and dictatorship
  21. Properties of mammals against reptiles
  22. Living at home vs. dormitory
  23. Commuting or working at home
  24. Using a lap top or a tablet
  25. Sitcoms vs. reality shows
  26. Emotional and physical beauty
  27. Country music vs. Western
  28. Hip hop vs. RAP
  29. Attending traditional classes and visiting online courses
  30. Playing a video game vs. reading a book
  31. Reading a printed book vs. reading an electronic copy
  32. WWI and Civil War
  33. Functions of Microsoft and Apple
  34. Go to the cinema and stay at home to watch a movie
  35. Participation in extracurricular activities or studying only
  36. The poor and the rich
  37. Going abroad vs. staying at home
  38. Responsibilities of having a dog and a fish
  39. Your arch-rival and your best friend
  40. Songs of Rihanna and Madonna
  41. Cosmetic beauty or natural beauty
  42. School friends and college friends
  43. Classes at school and in the university
  44. Celebrities of the past and the present
  45. Max Weber vs. Karl Marx
  46. Fitness classes and yoga
  47. Classical treatment vs. homeopathy
  48. Being on a diet or engaging in sports
  49. Low carbohydrate diets vs. low fat diets
  50. Vacation abroad vs. vacation at home

We hope that our topics for compare and contrast essay will be helpful if your professor asks you to select a topic on your own. Remember about the primary writing stages and follow all of them to submit a good piece of writing. Include all major paper parts (introduction, main body, and conclusion) in your comparative essay. Your task is to provide explicit details about each aspect of comparison and include at least an approximate amount of similarities and differences.

  1. Creativity and rich imagination
  2. Education opportunities in the US and abroad
  3. Permissive parenting and authoritarian upbringing
  4. Being a child and being an adult
  5. The USSR and modern Russia
  6. The US of the past vs. present days
  7. Democrats and Republicans
  8. Females 200 years ago and now
  9. Being a teenager vs. being an adult
  10. Friendship between women and men
  11. Living alone and living with your family
  12. Divorce and separation
  13. Marriage and cohabitation
  14. Camping and hiking
  15. A college student and a university student
  16. The influences of the World War I and World War II
  17. Water vs. juice
  18. Visiting the US and visiting Canada
  19. The worst and the best employer ever
  20. A dream and a nightmare
  21. A feeling of anxiety and anger
  22. Facebook vs. Twitter
  23. Spending all money on vacation or buying a luxurious car
  24. Reading a book or watching a reality show
  25. Being beautiful or being smart
  26. Cooking or buying take-away food
  27. Windows or Mac
  28. Storms and blizzards
  29. Having a dog or having a cat
  30. The beauty of deserts or mountains
  31. Discoveries vs. inventions
  32. Having an apartment vs. having a house
  33. Vegetables vs. fruits
  34. MacDonald’s and Tacos’
  35. The most desired birthday party and the most dreadful birthday party
  36. Soccer and football
  37. Odysseus and Beowulf
  38. Comedy and tragedy
  39. Studying in a public school or private school
  40. Uniqueness of Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes
  41. The best boss ever and the worst boss ever
  42. Rules in baseball and rugby
  43. Judaism and Christianity
  44. Watching a comedy and watching a thriller
  45. Google vs. Yahoo
  46. Democratic leadership and communism
  47. Parents’ influence vs. influence of friends
  48. Typing vs. handwriting
  49. Learning at home and attending school classes
  50. Friendship and love.
February 27, 2019
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