Conquering Boredom

September 19, 2017

For some reason, people often think that conquering boredom costs money. What a misconception! In fact, there are a lot of things that you can do for free if you feel bored. Your friends aren’t around? Your to-do-lists are all finished? No problem! Dive into these fascinating activities and you will completely forget what boredom means!

Useful activities to forget boredom:

  1. Revise your friends list on Facebook – let’s be honest, all of us accept random people from time to time. But how often do you check if having those people in your list is beneficial or harmful? And what if half of your friends list on Facebook consists of those whom you don’t know? Use your boredom to clean up your friends list. You don’t want random people to view your profile, do you?
  2. Sell old stuff – that’s the way to kill your boredom that can actually benefit your wallet. Check your closet and see if there are things that you don’t need anymore. Use Poshmark or other app to sell your old stuff and get some cash.
  3. Volunteer – it’s good to work for the worthwhile cause. You feel a part of something bigger and meaningful and you also help others. In case you have no clue where to volunteer – animal shelters and nursing homes are a good way to start. There are few ways to kill boredom in a more meaningful manner.
  4. Start a journal – have you ever tried this self-reflection method? Write what you feel, express your thoughts, believes and desires on the paper. You’ll definitely find out something new about yourself.
  5. Exercise – in case you haven’t made this a part of your daily routine, you may at least use your spare time to get fit. You can watch a lot of tutorials online and choose training or programs that fit you best.
  6. Read – I’m talking about the real book with paper pages here. If you don’t know what to read, call your friend whom you know to be a bookworm and ask for recommendations. If reading is not your hobby, you have no idea how fascinating some books are.Conquering boredom
  7. Sort out your computer files – another meaningful way to spend your free time. Delete the old files and organize the data in such a way that you can access it easily.
  8. Cook – why not? Maybe you’re a genius cook in disguise. Look what you have in your refrigerator, search for some yummy recipes and let your culinary genius awaken.
  9. People watch – an unusual thing to do, but an interesting one. Find a crowded area, wear sunglasses, sit down, take a cup of coffee, relax and watch the crowd. Maybe you’ll see something interesting or even make a new friend.
  10. Go to a free art gallery or museum – people rarely do this even if it’s a cool thing to do. Make an online search for museums and art galleries with free admission and enjoy the look of artwork.

See? There are a lot of fun ways to kill your boredom that cost you nothing.


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