How to Cope With Stress in College?

June 13, 2016

Studying can be awesome, but I think it’s not a secret that it can be very fraught. Especially if you’re not a kind of a racked person. Sometimes we find it very hard to do the battle over anxiety. You are run scared at college? Here are the ways you can handle it.

Don’t overstrain yourself

From my first-hand experience I can tell, that I was excited about studying at the beginning. It was so hook. I remember I had even 3 classes each day. I wanted up-grade my skills and knowledge. Luckily, my counselor advised me how to lay out the loading. Otherwise I would be like as a squeezed lemon in the middle of the term. You won’t be able to be kicky and ready to be schooled the whole semester when you have thousand and one classes a day. Try to look at the college as at the place of skill development and spend time there at your pleasure. Take it easy!

Use the couple of hours in a pineapple

You wanna be successful at studies? Doss down. Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity. Of course there are some cases when you have to study all night long, but then you wake up sleepy and exhausted. I think that doesn’t worth it. You’ll feel yourself like a zombie, which is looking for some coffee and a soft pillow.

How to Cope With College Stress

Brace yourself!

Roll a big wheel! Try to organize your day. Then it’ll be a way easier for you to keep calm. Just imagine such a situation, you are coming into the classroom, and everyone starring at you, embarrassing, isn’t it? And the reason for it is your lateness. Or another thing, you left the notes, which should be taken by your academic, at home. Not so easy, I guess.

Be easy-going

Know it’s hard to start the ball rolling. But don’t be afraid! Try to make new friends, and who knows maybe you’ll find a lover or at least an old chap. Just be yourself in a company, stay positive and you’ll find a soulmate for sure.

Use a day book

Make a schedule of tasks,  if you are a person who likes to hold over everything to the last minute, as I am. Try to write down all your duties and plans for the next day. You won’t worry without a real need. And you’ll be able to feel yourself as a big boss with a “to do” list. Every time you wrote down some point on a paper, you’ll see that it’s materializing.

Lack of normal life?

If you are feeling your life is not normalcy because of anxiety, don’t leave it as it is. At first, ask school counselor or professor for some help. Let them know you are not given away. One way or another, you would need to do that, it’s normal. For sure, they’ll be able to give the piece of advice. Well, quite often it may seem that professors are very strict and not jerry. Nope! They are really very soft and free. So my main counsel is don’t be afraid to share your problems!


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