Creating a Good Roommate Relationship

June 2, 2017

Your roommate is a person with whom you will share your room and those habits you’ll need to accept. There is no guarantee that this person will totally match you. But still, it is up to you to establish a fulfilling relationship. Read on to learn how to do this!


Connect Before College

Start building the relationship with your roommate before you move to the dorm. It doesn’t mean becoming best friends right away. It means starting on the right foot. Take this person’s contact information from your college, reach out to him/her and begin your communication. Afterwards, stay in touch until the college starts. Talk about your habits and discuss how you’ll arrange your room. It’s also a good idea to share your study plans and expectations.

Fill Out a Questionnaire Together 

Find an online questionnaire, fill it in and ask your roommate to do this also. It’ll help you find out what you have in common, resolve the issues that don’t align and establish a good relationship more successfully. When you find out all these things about each other, be flexible and do your best to get to the middle ground.


Communicate Effectively. It involves two things:

  • Resolving Issues: We know that communication is the key, but we keep on failing in that for some reason. Many relationships, including those among roommates, fail because people avoid talking about a problem, thus turning a minor issue into a catastrophe. Therefore, you have to know how to speak up at proper time. Don’t accuse, but tactfully say what worries you and resolve the issue together as soon as possible.
  • Maintaining a Friendly Relationship: It’s bad if your roommate remains a total stranger to you, or if you talk to him/her only when there is a problem. Get to know each other. Talk about daily issues. Ask how his/her day or week has been going and share weekend plans. Remember to take care of your roomie, especially if he/she is stressed out.

Share Responsibilities 

Both of you need to contribute to a pretty-looking room. Talk about this as soon as possible after you move to the dorm. Clean the shared spaces together on a particular day or do it by turn. If needed, make a schedule. Remember also to clean your own spaces. Also, discuss how you’ll buy bathroom supplies or foods you share, etc. If your roommate forgot to do something, gently remind him/her of that. Don’t be harsh.

Invite Your Roomie Out

Hanging out with your roommate, especially in the first weeks of college, is a great idea. Have lunch or dinner together, go to a party, or visit a cinema. If you’ve noticed that your roommate hangs out alone, invite him/her to join you and your friends when you’re going out. All these outings will certainly help you establish trust and form a friendship.

These steps are not hard, but effective. If you make them, you’ll build a trustful relationship with your roommate and enjoy living together!


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