Critical Essay Topics (part 1)

August 16, 2016

If you cannot make up any critical essay topics in your mind, our writing guide will be helpful for you. We have created the list topics and description of what to analyze if you choose a specific topic.

It does matter what topic you choose for your critical essay. The topic should be simple and at the same time cognitive enough to explore its depth. In critical papers, it is highly important to show your critical abilities and an eye of a researcher to prove that you are competent in the topic. By writing a critical analysis essay, you will have to introduce profound arguments and solid reasoning, which can be done only if you know the subject matter well. Therefore, do not hesitate to find the most useful topic on our website and produce an extraordinary essay according to our recommendations.


Critical Essay Topics and Their Explanation

  • Sports and taking doping. Do you think the latter should be allowed? In this topic, you are welcome to choose any sport you wish. You should critically discuss why this sport activity is on the rise and why sportsmen take dopes. Describe the negative effects of doping and attitudes of sportsmen towards it.
  • Mass media and the way it reflects a body image. If you do not know “what is a critical essay,” this topic might be a bit challenging. You should discuss how mass media influences the way one perceives their body and beauty in general. You should find solid evidential support to prove that mass media distorts the image or prove that its reflection is valid. You can also discuss the edge between anorexia and slimness.
  • The interdependence of television and sports. Americans spend more and more time watching TV and showing sports is a profitable activity. Discuss how sportsmen bring benefits to their sponsors, how mass media reflects sports, and how both TV and sports increase their income.
  • Obesity and being overweight. Both refer to the health issues and researchers try to find out the most plausible solutions to it. This topic is simpler in writing because you can present statistics in the US or your state that reflects the issue. Try to analyze the problem from a critical perspective and provide some vivid examples when slim people become obese. In addition, discuss the negative impacts of obesity on body functions.
  • Latino culture and beliefs. As you can see, the number of minority groups such as Latinos increase. They make a profound influence on the US culture and traditions. Analyze if Latinos shape the US culture and investigate their positive and negative influences.
  • The change of gender roles in a modern community. If you do not know how to write a critical essay, this topic is a good start. Discuss how the 20th century experienced the rise of feminism. You should deeply analyze the initial intentions of feministic tendencies. Then you should compare contrast the past tendencies with present ones and see if there was a change in feministic views. Provide some vivid examples of research ideas that will support your claims.
  • Football as a popular sport activity in college. Discuss if football still remains on the rise or if any other sport activities suppress it. Moreover, you can explore if playing football remains beneficial for some students.
  • Anti-drug campaigns. Many students explore this topic, so be sure you present some unique ideas that cannot be found on the web. You should critically analyze if campaigns cover all groups of people (including national minorities). Critically analyze how state supports Americans in “saying no to drugs” and if minority groups receive the same treatment.
  • American diversity and multiculturalism tendencies. Many families include more than one race. Location is no more an issue and one can see a mix of races, especially in the powerful and influential countries like the US. Immigration laws do not restrict marriages between different races and the word “racial identity” loses its common sense. Discuss your point towards this multicultural tendency. Do you think that multiculturalism brings only positive outcomes? What about racial diversity.
  • Lesbian and gay families. Modern countries reconsider their laws about lesbian and gay couples. More and more gay couples decide to become families. Do you think such marriages should given a right to adopt children? Do you think gay and lesbian couples share the same parenting responsibilities as traditional couples?
  • The issue of poverty. If you check a critical essay definition, you can see that there is a need to define the subject matter in the first paragraph. Discuss what poverty is and how poor people live. Do you think that only developing countries suffer from this issue? What about developed countries? Can you introduce some striking statistics about the issue of poverty in your state?
  • Race, music, and ethnical identity. If you are a music fan, this topic is just what you need. You can explore how race and the choice of music are interdependent. Discuss if ethnicity and race influences the creation of music. Analyze modern music trends and their fan groups.
  • Street art and graffiti. Here you can present your critical opinion if you consider graffiti to be a form of art. Do you think that people should be punished for distorting the general overview of buildings? What common street art forms do you know? Do you think that engaging in graffiti is a legal crime or you tend to consider it as a way to make our streets brighter?
  • Modern family. The definition of family and its roles changes with time. In addition, globalization brings new forms of families and the way people bring up their children. Do you think American society has some unique family features? Are there any multiculturalism influences on the way people create their families? Do you support or oppose the fact that age should be disregarded while creating a family?
  • Communication between males and females. It is a good critical essay topic, especially if you are interested in gender studies. Researchers state that women and men have different communication channels and socialize differently. Present the most vivid examples and state your own idea of whether communication of females and males reflects obvious differences.

Critical Essay Topics (part 1)

Topics for Critical Essays in Literature

  • Choose any literary genre and discuss its uniqueness and principles. For instance, you can select a novel and discuss how it is different from others. Make sure your paper includes a thesis statement. Present the most vivid examples of novels and prove why they are considered to be the most remarkable. Discuss the audience of reading novels.
  • Discuss the usage of dialogues and direct speech in the literary pieces. Do you think that they are used to stir readers’ imagination? Do they make any literary work brighter? You can present some examples in your essay, but they should take no more than 10% of your paper.
  • Literary legacy of William Shakespeare. Discuss settings used in his literary works. Do you agree or disagree that all literary settings presume some philosophical implications? Choose two or three examples that will prove your point – reading between the lines is essential while exploring William Shakespeare.
  • Provide your own definition of climax or cliff-hanger. Explore how researches interpret this notion and how it supports the culminating point. Interpret the word “climax” in terms of plot and setting.
  • Among critical essay topics, you will surely find the one about a “static character.” Do you know what it means? If not, explore the notion by reading outside materials and discuss what techniques writers use to make their images vivid and live.
  • Find a novel that is written from a first person perspective. You will have to critically approach the author’s viewpoints and reconsider them by analyzing a topic from a completely different perspective. Do you see any logical gaps? Would you make characters act differently?
  • Define the word “plot” and what techniques writers utilize to surprise their readers. You can choose one literary work and analyze it to the full. Provide some bright examples to get the message across.
  • Choose one fiction work and discuss its mood and tone. In addition, investigate the usage of literary devices that writer used to create a bright and realistic picture.
  • In fiction writing, authors pay attention to the narrative voice. Define the notion in your own words. Have you ever encountered a literary work with a couple of narrative voices? Do they confuse the reader or make plot complicated? Present your own position and support it with relevant examples.
  • Do you think that allegory influences the readability of literary pieces? Do you find it difficult to read between the lines and properly identify allegory? Introduce a couple of examples with allegory and state your own position about this literary technique.
  • Analyze imagery in poetry. Do you agree that poetry cannot live without it? What imagery effects do you know? Provide a couple of examples. Do you think that imagery constitute the tone and mood in writing?
  • Discuss the role of historical and cultural context on the creation of any literary work. Do you think that some background historical and cultural ideas will help you easily interpret ideas in literature? Prove your point with examples that clearly prove or disprove the abovementioned statement.
  • Do you agree that author’s family background depend on the themes he/she discusses in writing? Select one writer and explore his/her biography, family relations, and major events from life. Analyze a couple of literary works to identify possible connections.
  • Define playwriting. Do you agree that the role of scene in playwriting is tremendous? Choose one or two plays and try to analyze characters, themes, and motifs.
  • Critically investigate the use of irony in fiction writing. Do you agree that irony is more powerful in short stories? Can you provide some specific examples?



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