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Critical Essay Topics (part 2)

August 19, 2016

Movies and TV in Critical Writing

  • Write down all movies about a high school life (at least those that you remember). Select only one movie, which you consider to be the most outstanding example of its genre. Do you think that the movie influenced your development of personality? Critically analyze positive and negative sides of the movie.
  • Do you agree that usually there are many differences between books and movies screened on the same texts? Choose one book and a movie screened on its plot. Did you manage to find many differences? Try to choose newly screened movies for your writing.
  • Do you agree or disagree that filmmakers should pay more attention to the potential audience? Do you think that some scenes should be excluded to reach a wider audience? Can you name some examples, when you would not let your children watch a movie that was shown in a cinema without any restrictions?
  • Do you agree that horror movies influence one’s psychological development? Would you let your children watch horror movies without any limits? Provide some examples to prove your opinion.
  • Critically examine the way TV reflects wedding shows. Do you think that emotions of people are mostly fake? Do you think that all reactions are exaggerated? Many people believe that wedding shows should be more down-to-earth since they do not reflect life as it is. Do you agree?
  • Choose one popular TV series based on real-life events. Have you managed to find some far-fetched scenes that would never happen in real life? Would you still proceed watching this TV series? Do you agree that people are manipulated and in real setting, they would act in a completely different manner?
  • Originality in filmmaking becomes extinct. Most of directors and produces are involved in re-making already screened shows to increase their popularity. Do you think that changing an old story instead of producing a new one is a good idea? Do you think that directors and filmmakers gain huge profits for nothing? Introduce some examples and prove your opinion.
  • Can you describe and define a summer movie? What features should it possess? Can you name a couple of incredible summer movies? Write your expectations and preferences while choosing a summer movie.
  • Choose either a comic or a tragic character and try to find it in several movies. Do you think directors show the same hero or heroine differently? Critically discuss decisions, actions, and motivations of the chosen character.
  • Do you think that American society is influenced too much by popular TV series? Choose one series and try to discuss its viewers and followers. Critically analyze its positive and negative impact on the viewers.

Critical Essay Topics (part 2)

  • Can you recall any horror movie that scared you so much? What makes it special? Were all scenes realistic? Try to name a couple of examples that scared you to death and discuss if director reached success in reflecting events.
  • Explore advertising on TV. Do you think that government should impose a strict limit on the amount of advertisements showed by each channel? Do you agree that advertising influences the way children act in a significant way? Use 2-3 ads that are currently streaming on channels.
  • Can you name the worst movie you have ever watched? Why was it so bad? Did you manage to watch it till the end? List a couple of factors that would have resolved the issue. Do you think that this movie was just a waste of time and money?
  • Research the television history. What tendencies were popular in the past and now? Did you manage to find some drastic changes? Do you think that television became more “cruel” and shows too much thoughtless scenes?
  • Mention your favorite comedy and analyze its scenes to the full. Why do you consider this comedy to be special? What is the subject of laughter? While watching the comedy, did your friends laugh that much? Do you think that one’s sense of humor determines much while watching the comedy? Do you think that real-life situations cannot cover events showed in the comedy?
  • Do you think that reality TV shows make a strong impact on people’s lives? Can you name one of such shows? Do you think that people participating in reality shows miss their own life? Critically examine personalities in such shows and predict their possible intentions behind being famous. Do they want to escape their lives?
  • Can you name a vintage movie? Do you think modern youths will ever watch vintage movies? Being a high school graduate, would you ever consider watching a film with your parents?
  • Name at least one movie that won Oscar. Do you agree that this movie deserves its prize? What unique scenes and characters can you find in the movie?
  • If you were a filmmaker, what kind of movie would you produce? A comedy, drama, thriller, tragedy, detective story, etc.? What would you like to draw attention to in your movie?
  • Critically examine modern tendencies on TV. What would you like to change? Provide a couple of examples with supporting ideas.


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