You are currently busy with lots of things that have crucial importance for your future as it is the time of your dental school application. You have been exerting tremendous efforts and your grades are high owing to your dedication and diligence in studies. Moreover, your DAT score is impressive, but at the same time you realize that you are one of hundreds applicants who have also tried their best to provide the evidence that shows their excellence. The question is what can make you different among them. The committee of a dental program will have to make their choice and you have to prove that you should be chosen among many. It is an effective personal statement that can give you a chance to present yourself and show your best.

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It is really daunting to compose a successful AADSAS personal statement. The strategy of most of the applicants is to impress the committee with high DAT scores and GPA, but you can go further and add a personal statement that will persuade everybody that you are a unique personality that will be a useful asset for the program. Writing this statement gives you a chance to focus on your strengths and tell more than you are allowed to present in your official application papers. Thus, you will look special in the opinion of people who can change your future.

An average length of a perfect AADSAS essay is 1 page with a limitation to 4,500 characters. The main questions to address are about the reasons why you have decided to pursue exactly this type of education and how your professional and personal goals can be achieved with the help of this dental degree program.

How Can I Start Writing?

The best time to start working on your dental school personal statement is at the beginning of the spring semester before the actual application. You will need sufficient time not only to collect the ideas and arrange them effectively, but also to ask your peers to review your essay and give their comments so that you could revise it and improve the sections that appear weak. It is understandable that you will have to prepare several drafts and submit only the final variant that has to be really impressive.

What Is Supposed to be Included into an Application Essay?

Working on the application essay, you have to ask yourself a number of questions. Some of them are presented below to give you a valuable hint.

  1. What motivated you to opt for the dentistry field?
  2. What is the reason for your interest in dentistry?
  3. How can you illustrate your genuine interest in the area and your and commitment to the made decision?
  4. What makes you believe that you are going to be a good dentist?
  5. Have you got any facts from your background that can prove that you have the skills sufficient for the study at a dental school?
  6. Were there any people in your life whose example you want to follow? Are there any role models you would like to mention? What facts from their biographies provided you with inspiration?
  7. Do you perceive the profession of a dentist realistically?
  8. Which professional goals have you set for yourself?
  9. Is there any information about you that is not presented in any application papers but you would like us to know?

It may be useful to include such details
It may be useful to include such details (mobile)

What is Supposed to be Excluded?

Where Should You Start?

Look through good dental school personal statement examples and start your writing with the technique of brainstorming. Ask yourself a number of questions and write down the answers to use them in your essay. What made me want to be a dentist? Will I become a good specialist? Which qualities do I have to contribute them to my success? Which qualities do I lack? What personal experience can I tell about to show how much I am interested in dentistry? Are there any other options for me, except dentistry?

There are numerous personal statements already written by generations of applicants; however if you want your voice to be heard, you have to sound individually bright and loud. We would like to advise you to be honest in your presentation of yourself. There is no need to boast too much. It will not be a reason for choosing you if you sound too sentimental in your memories of childhood. You should not try to guess what the committee wants to hear from you. Actually, they want to get acquainted with you as a personality. They do not want to meet any perfect applicant who knows all the answers. Instead, they want to meet you with all your personal features and traits. Show your own style, passion, and interest in dentistry – it is enough just to be yourself.

From the very first look, your readers should be interested in your essay. It is imperative to use the opening paragraph for capturing their attention and making them listen to your story. Try to be creative in means of presenting information and descriptive in making your presentation brighter. Do not forget about a full circle of information that starts in the introduction and logically comes to its end in the paragraph of conclusion. Check whether the main idea and your message re clearly seen throughout the text. Provide your readers with unexpected turns and something they would not expect from you.

Writing a personal statement is an actual act of ‘selling’ yourself. Tell about your personality, not about general features of a person who does not exist. You definitely have a set of talents, accomplishments, achievements, and skills. No doubt, you have your unique experiences that can connect you to the profession in the area of dentistry. Focus on a pivotal moment that made you feel passionate about dentistry and your special drive that makes you apply for your studies. Ask yourself, “What are the factors that made my personality? Why am I what am I now?” Mention all kinds of problems and challenges that you unfortunately have or used to have. Tell the committee where you have been and they will understand where you are going now.

It is never a waste of time to proofread what is already finalized. Your dental school application should be accurate and concise. Besides, it should contain no grammar mistakes. It would be perfect to ask someone you trust to look through your essay as their review will improve your writing significantly. Have your readers got the message you sent? Is everything clear to them? You want to have a great piece of writing, so it is a must for you to add what is missing, to improve what is wrong, and to turn in the right direction where it seems to be a wrong approach taken.

Assistance with Your Personal Statement for a Dental School

Writing a personal statement can make you crazy as it is a great responsibility and too much depends on how skilful you are at that. You would not like to join thousands of applicants who make boring statements and use clichés in their attempt to impress the commission that is tired of reading the same phrases every year. You strive for being unique in your presentation. If you cannot do that yourself, let us assist you!

We are proud to say that we have already assisted hundreds of promising students who submitted their dental school personal statements and were chosen as successful applicants. They are grateful for our help as we composed the essays that highlighted the best traits in them and let others see their passion, tremendous potential and inner energy in them. It is not easy to let the admission boards see something unique in a person. We hired professional writers who can persuade anybody that a person is the best among the applicants.

Read Our Free Application For Dental School In The U.S

This is my personal statement for the application of dental schools in the U.S. It explains why I want to be a doctor, why am an exceptional person and my qualifications for the position.

I would like to become a dentist because I love science as a whole; and like the “hand-on” nature of dentist, as it is a good way of learning as well as putting what I have learnt into application. I also enjoy interacting with people in my job that is the team works with other dentists and dental assistants, on top of long term relationship with the patients makes me feel connected to the community.

Am an Exceptional Person for the position because am determined to make dentist my profession by acquiring professional knowledge and develop essential mental qualities through the four years of DDS study and afterwards, further my studies in Orthodontics.

I qualify for the position because; I have a rich science foundation as I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry & First Year study in Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree. The good results in TOEFL and IELTS show that I have a good English foundation. Further more, I am familiar with dentistry because having been a patient, I received more than three of orthodontics treatment. In the same connection, I have been an observer, where I had experience in shadowing competent professional dentists in various branches of dentistry; as a student, I had my first year DMD degree finished with good performance. In addition, during my year in the university rowing team my teammates and I attained excellent achievements in various event like organizing both weekly and occasional activities for our club, hence am a team player. Being the head of training department of rowing team, that has 50 members, shows that am a leader. Last but not list, am self motivated and studious individual eager for knowledge.

I trust and belief that my application will be considered. Thank you in advance.

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