Essay Writing Battle: Descriptive vs. Narrative 

Being a student you have to do a wide range of assignments. One of them is writing different types of essays such as descriptive, argumentative, narrative, etc. Surely, all academic works discuss particular ideas. However, each of them has its peculiarities of writing and purpose. For example, papers produced on descriptive essay topics portray places, people, or even events, while narratives are like literary compositions. They tell us stories about the participants of some events.

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Essay Writing Battle: Descriptive vs. Narrative

Narrative Papers

  • These works deal with describing writer’s experience. Thus, they explain how particular events or situations have influenced the author. Narrations have a lot in common with stories.
  • The main purpose of such type of essays is to inform readers about the events that the author has participated in.
  • As to topics for writing narratives, they are numerous. Therefore, you may write about your new job, first day at college, a key moment that has changed your outlook, etc.
  • A fine narrative essay example may help you find out how to concentrate on the central point of the work.
  • Note that narrations do not necessarily talk about author’s experience. For instance, book reviews are also considered narratives as they retell the events described in a book.

Descriptive Works

  • When writing descriptive essays, you should provide vivid details of the discussed objects or people to help readers imagine the described events clearly. Thus, when reading your work, users will sense the atmosphere of the described time period.
  • It will not be hard to select a topic for your paper as there are a lot of original subjects. Therefore, you may write about your favorite things, your best friend, ideal journey, etc.
  • By the way, great descriptive essay examples may help you understand how different topics are analyzed.

Similar Features

Descriptive and narrative papers have the same structure. They include an introduction, body section, and conclusion. Analyze clear personal narrative essay examples to see how your piece of writing should be constructed. Note that a thesis statement should be written at the end of the introductory paragraph. It usually presents the aim of writing a particular work. Therefore, you need to explain why the analyzed subject is worth examining. Both types of papers should state concrete facts in the body section to develop the point presented in the thesis.

Contrasting Peculiarities

  1. If you examine narrative essay examples, you will see that this paper is written in the first person unlike a descriptive one. Thus, such pronouns as “I, me” are often used.
  2. Besides, narration describes people’s actions, while descriptive works do not.
  3. Furthermore, narrations provide a logical flow of information. On the contrary, works written on descriptive essay topics may be organized in the way the author wants.

Astonishing Narrative Essay Topics for Producing Unique Essays

  1. Describe your phenomenal non-academic success and explain readers how you have managed to achieve it.
  2. Specify who you would like to carry out an interview with.
  3. Characterize your image in the social networks.
  4. Explain what sports clubs mean to you.
  5. Tell readers how you have received an excellent grade in the most challenging college project.
  6. Talk about the gadgets, which you consider irreplaceable (one of the narrative essay topics which you will consider engaging).
  7. Describe the most pleasant time, which you have spent with one of your family members.
  8. Talk about the position of males and females in the society.
  9. The most wondrous deed you have ever performed.
  10. The place of TV programs in your life.
  11. State the reasons for writing/not writing a journal.
  12. Describe your feelings when you have undergone unusual experience.
  13. Talk about the moment when you have realized that physical appearance can be deceptive.
  14. Specify the books or films that have changed your outlook on life.
  15. Tell what supernatural powers you would crave to have.
  16. Explain what kind of vacation you are dreaming of.
  17. Describe the most memorable trip you have gone on with your friends.
  18. Describe your way of spending spring vacations.
  19. Does your family follow any unusual traditions? Tell readers about them.
  20. Where would you go on holidays if you could choose the location?
  21. What holidays spent with your family do you consider unforgettable?
  22. Would you like to go into space? How can you describe your space journey?
  23. Have you ever thought about changing the place of living?
  24. Talk about your diving experience.
  25. Assess the impact of travelling on your life.
  26. Describe the sights which you regard the most impressive.
  27. Tell about the most fascinating vacation.

Exceptional Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Describe your mother or any other family member.
  2. Portray your role model, e.g. your favorite singer, painter, etc.
  3. Do you believe John Kennedy deserves appreciation?
  4. Tell what your favorite movie or cartoon character is and describe it.
  5. What is your favorite antihero? Why?
  6. What qualities of your classmates do you find superior?
  7. State what traits of your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend make them special.
  8. Which of the mentioned characters do you find attractive: Xena, Charmed, or Wonder Woman?
  9. Write an essay describing your favorite professor.
  10. Why is Margaret Thatcher regarded as an outstanding political figure? Present her contribution to the political development of Great Britain.
  11. Provide the arguments proving that your favorite singer is better than other well-known artists.
  12. Analyze the behavior of a specific person in a concrete situation.
  13. What influences your own behavior? Indicate the main situational factors.
  14. Portray a person whom you detest.
  15. Describe the movie, which you consider awful.
  16. Create an essay about the movie character, which you find extremely scary.
  17. What would you say to one of your favorite superstars if you met them on the street?
  18. How would you identify the notion “true friend”?
  19. How would you describe your enemies?
  20. State why you consider friendship between men and women possible. Share your own experience.
  21. Write a paper focused on the business person who you regard successful.
  22. What qualities should an experienced top model have?
  23. The place of Abraham Lincoln in the development of the USA.
  24. Prepare an essay illustrating the traits that make your mother outshine other mothers.
  25. What makes your father the most caring father in the world?
  26. Describe your house in detail. Is there anything about it what you would like to alter? How do you consider moving to another house/city?
  27. Where would you desire to go the next summer?
  28. Describe an impeccable place for having a rest in winter.
  29. What winter spot do you find the most dangerous?
  30. Some learners desire to describe their rooms in their dorms. Put forward constructive ideas about what steps should be taken to make the campus a better place for living.
  31. What is your favorite place in your home country?
  32. How do you see a suitable place for celebrating a golden wedding anniversary? Present your ideas in a coherent essay.
  33. Vividly describe the place where people can see the Moon eclipse (this is rather an unusual theme among other narrative essay topics).
  34. What a perfect place to organize a loud party should look like?
  35. What countries do you crave to visit?
  36. My native city is the place where I belong.
  37. Why is Melbourne considered the soul of Australia even though it is not its capital?
  38. Tell readers about the most boring spot you have ever visited.
  39. What is the most spectacular spot in the word from the tourists’ point of view?
  40. Write an essay providing information about the educational establishment you are studying.
  41. Talk about the places you have visited with your parents when being a child.
  42. Describe the most thrilling flower festival you have ever been to.
  43. What location would you select to organize a pop concert?
  44. Describe Seven Wonders of the World in an extraordinary way.
  45. What things/sights do you consider the major wonders of the world?
  46. What feelings do you experience when meeting friends from your childhood?
  47. Compose an essay highlighting the benefits of living in your home country.
  48. Describe your route to a specific place.
  49. Where can one organize a wild student party?
  50. Your favorite place from a historical fiction.
  51. Describe the feelings that arise when you think about a close friend whom you have lost.
  52. What activities do you like undertaking together with your grandparents?
  53. Tell readers about a significant event which you have participated in during studies.
  54. What did you feel when you first rode a horse?
  55. Describe the event that has changed your whole life completely. Perhaps it was a conversation with someone, photo shoot, etc.
  56. What things do kids memorize best of all?
  57. Create a piece of writing describing the feelings a person experiences when walking in the mountains.

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