Developing Math Study Skills That Work

March 7, 2017

Some students struggle with studying math and don’t know how they can manage their math studying process. Everything becomes easier when you know how to do it. Here’s our list of top math study skills that really work. Develop them, and you will never have a problem with math.

Choose Your Teacher 

Before you register for the math course, see what teacher will be best for you. Talk to other students, ask their opinions. Find out which teachers they like and why. Select top two or three teachers, and sit at their sessions to make a final choice. 

Be Active

Attend classes, be sure to sit in the front row, ask questions and take notes. It is proven that the students who are successful in their studies, write down 64% of what is given at the lecture and never skip classes.

Prepare in Advance 

If you know what topic will be given at the next class, get acquainted with it beforehand. It will be much easier for you to perceive the information if you have made some preparations in advance.

Math Study Skills

Centralize Info

Make one big notebook divided into different sections devoted only to math. You can do it in the following way – use one half of the list for the class notes and the other half –  for your homework. It’s not the only way to divide your notebook, so you can apply your fantasy. 

Make Clear Notes & Categorize

Your notebook should be very clear and convenient to read. For each lesson, you should have the date and the topic. It will be better if you write a topic with a red pen. Leave a side of your page blank for additional notes or clarifications. Be sure to use categories like: theorem | definition of| formulas | equations – mark them with different colors so that you can easily identify them in your notebook and memorize them.  

Review Lectures

You will be much more successful if you review your materials right after your class or within eight hours after it. It helps to memorize new knowledge better. When you are reading your material, recite it in your own words to make sure that you really understand what you’re reading.

Ask Questions

Even the best students sometimes get lost. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to understand everything from the point where you have lost the thought and then question the following steps. See your professor during the office hours and ask him/her if you get everything right. You should be very attentive to notice where you are losing your touch with the topic and ask for help immediately when you feel that you are lost. 

Practice the “Say & Do” Principle 

We remember 10% of what we read and a staggering 90% of what we say and do.

Don’t be afraid to become perfect. Practice!


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