Students have to complete various types of academic assignments. By working on their tasks, students have to demonstrate their expertise, competencies, as well as writing skills. A discursive essay is one of the typical assignments given to students. According to the common discursive essay definition, it is an academic paper that involves an analytical discussion on a particular topic. Such an assignment makes students think analytically, build solid arguments, and support them with appropriate evidence. You may have to write such an essay on a specific event, opinion, or person. No matter what subject you are investigating, your paper is to be clear, engaging, and informative. To bring you a good grade, your essay is to be written, formatted, and structured in accordance with the latest standards of academic writing. When working on such a write-up, you will need to pick up a certain position and support it with strong arguments. Unfortunately, for many students, writing such a paper can be difficult as they lack appropriate writing experience or skills.

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What Is a Discursive Essay?

Before you find out how to write a discursive essay, you need to learn what makes this essay different from other pieces of academic writing.

A discursive essay is a write-up that aims to discuss a problem, issue, or controversy. Such essays can be formal or informal depending on the subject of discussion. The main purpose of any discursive essay is to provide a clear opinion regarding the subject and support it with appropriate evidence. When working on this paper, you need to state your position trying to avoid any biases or prejudices.

Consider that a good-looking paper will sound persuasive and engaging. It will captivate the reader`s attention from the very first lines. It is also recommendable to avoid adding awkward or inappropriate information. If you are unsure what a good discursive paper is to look like, you need to study some examples of the well-written papers available on the web. Such samples will help you familiarize yourself with the essentials of discursive essay structure and format.

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Structure Your Discursive Essay in a Proper Way

When writing your discursive essay, you will need to pay close attention to its structure. It is very important to organize your ideas in a logical order as it will ensure easy comprehension of your work. As well as any other piece of academic writing, your discursive paper is to include three basic parts:


An introductory paragraph is the most important part of your essay since it aims to engage your readers and let them know what your paper is about. Pay attention that your discursive essay introduction ought not to be too detailed as it is to just captivate your reader`s attention. If you want to make your audience interested in what is written in your paper, you need to include a good hook. Also, the opening part is to include a clear thesis statement.

      Main body

In the main body of your paper, it is necessary to investigate the subject by providing solid evidence. This part ought to be divided into several paragraphs in which you will discuss separate issues related to your topic. Ideally, the main body part is to be divided into three main sections. In the first section, you will bring attention to the problem. In the second paragraph, you will build your argument. Finally, in the third paragraph, you will present evidence for your argument.


In the last section of your paper, you will need to summarize your claims and ideas expressing your own view of the subject. Pay attention that the final part of your essay ought not to include any new information as its main purpose is to wrap up your analysis.

As for the length of your paper, it has to be mentioned in the prompt provided by your teacher. Typically, such an essay is not very long. However, everything depends on the subject being investigated. We strongly recommend you read the requirements before you start working on your paper. Such an approach will save you from countless revisions.

How to Write a Discursive Essay: Simple Steps

  1. Choose a good topic;
  2. Carry out in-depth research;
  3. Brainstorm your ideas;
  4. Write an introductory paragraph;
  5. Compose the main body;
  6. Complete a conclusion;
  7. Revise your first draft and fix all the mistakes compromising its quality.

We do hope that our helpful tips will enable you to write a discursive essay of the highest quality. Yet, if you are unsure whether your writing skills are sufficient to create a good-looking write-up, you can always rely on our writing team. Experienced, responsible, and dedicated, we will help you cope with the most difficult tasks.

Efficient Tips for Writing a Discursive Essay

How to Create an APA Research Paper

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