Do I Need a Car in College?

December 5, 2017

Everything in life has its pros and cons. The possession of the car is not the exception. Considering the matter whether to take it, you should count all of them. Let’s think in general, what possibilities the car will bring you! Of course, you will be more flexible and will be able to access any place you need. However, there is also some bothering. You will need to think about parking place and additional expenses for fuel and repair.

The Most Important Reasons of Having the Car in College

  1. If you are a commuter student and should be always connected with your campus, it is reasonable to have a car. It is especially rational if you live too far to circle, walk or go by bus.
  2. If you live in the campus but need to go for an internship, job or other routine responsibilities off, it would be nice to have a car beside, as it will allow you to be always in time. Furthermore, you won’t be tied to local transport timetables.
  3.  If you plan to come back to your room late at night, it is also safer to have a car than walking on foot. Moreover, you can earn some money by giving a lift to your classmates or job colleagues.
  4. If the is no good canteen or grocery store nearby your campus, it is nice to have a car. The opportunity to buy cheaper products in a big supermarket will eliminate the road expenses. Moreover, you will feed in a healthy way if you are going to cook for yourself.


Less Important Reasons of Having the Car in College

  1. You strive to enjoy your adults’ life freedom in full and want to have ability to leave and turn back to your campus whenever you want. The car possession will also let you take your friends with you. Thus, it means even more freedom and sociability.
  2. You will be able to visit your friends, relatives or family almost whenever you want if you have a car at hand. Nothing will prevent you to leave in the evening and come back before the classes. It will significantly decrease your miss of the closest ones.
  3. With the help of car, you want to be a privileged one. It is rational that it is easier to find more friends if you can help them with getting where they need. Every time you plan to go out by car, you can offer your classmates a company, which can be a start of a great friendship.

Weight all mentioned above reasons to determine is it worth to take your car to college. Remember that if you have many positions from the first list it means that it is even necessary for you, but if all your reasons are based on the second list, you can easily dispense without it.


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