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Don’t Compare Yourself to People on Social Media

January 10, 2017

Why Ideal Pictures May Bring You Harm

Turning over the pages of a famous magazine, you have at least once imagined yourself in the place of your favorite celebrity. This feeling is normal, unless it turns into obsession and a haunting idea. Dreaming about someone else’s life, while forgetting about your own, might be a problem soon. It is not always as flawless as you can imagine, those stars usually exaggerate the stories of their ideal lives – after a thorough analysis, you will understand this.

Deceptive Pictures

It is not always the truth what you can see with your eyes. Photoshop technology made a great impact on the pictures in magazines. Editing images for a better result is not new – now it is only easier to fulfill. It is extremely important to differentiate the true beauty and “painted beauty,” because there are no perfect people. The obsessive idea of looking like a person on a picture is a big fallacy, because those people do not look like they are on pictures.

Mean Business

It is a must for a pro photographer to own an impeccable Instagram feed with perfect photos because there is no better proof of his professionalism rather than the results of the job. The same can be applied to all other occupations. The amateur photographer would compare his photos to the professional one, because he does not earn money with this, unlike his pro college. You should not also compare yourself with the celebrities, who are already successful. You are on the way to the top – the same as they had been at a certain point.

Don't Compare Yourself to People on Social Media

Filtered Events

If you think that stars are like gods living ideal lives, you are more than mistaken. It all depends on the angle, which media will use to highlight the events. Background stories are relevant as well, the same as your everyday troubles and obstacles. Under no circumstances, will you see someone’s photos on Facebook or Instagram, where there is a disease treatment or other disgusting photos. The same in business – no one will ever boat of contract failures or money loss. Do not compare yourself only to the part of the whole.

Avoid Comparing At All

There are no better lives of other people – there are only different. Can you imagine how boring would it be if we all were the same! The difference is always a good idea. This article does not teach you not to compare parts of your life to slightly more successful ones; here you must understand – do not compare at all. It would be much more beneficial to focus on your dreams and do all the best, trying to fulfill them as soon as possible. Borrowing the experience from the ones who have already reached something in their lives is a nice idea. Moreover, it is a perfect way to boost your professional as well as mental growth. Under no circumstances should you be ever limited by someone else’s images. Concentrate on your goals. It is only about the inspiration, why mass media use those beautiful pictures, not for restricting your life.


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