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The Behavior of Interest Rates

ntroduction At present, the crediting of the real sector of the economy became the basic income source for many banks. Taking into consideration the fact that the refinancing rates fall, the profitability of securities market is low, and the stock market is not stable, crediting remains almost the only tool of receiving profit. The expansion […]

Structural Design of an Office Chair

Analysis of Failure Modes Presentation and Methodology It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that any piece of equipment or furniture has its potential to develop a fault sooner or later. This aspect has to be considered by designers and manufacturers on a regular basis so that they will be able to provide […]

Strict Laws as the Only Way-Out?

Cruelty towards animals has become an urgent issue for the entire humanity. Humans’ domination instead of cooperation with the world around is one of the crucial reasons that bring much harm to plants, animals, environment, and life on the Earth. There exist numerous organizations aimed at protecting the rights of nature and animals, in particular. […]

Powdered Alcohol: A New Threat to Society

Introduction Alcohol is believed to be one of the most important issues bringing harm to society. It is generally believed, that alcohol in small doses taken with comparatively long breaks is not harmful. However, there are many factors for any consumer of this product that might lead to the evolvement of alcoholic dependence. These factors […]

On Plato’s Gorgias 466a-470a

P1. Socrates claims that oratory is not a craft, but rather a sort of flattery, which gives rise to his argument that orators are not intelligent. The thing is that orators in the cities, though they are powerful like tyrants are powerless in fact. The things they do and consider good and right things to […]

Martin Scorsese

Introduction Martin Scorsese is an American film director, producer, writer, and prize-winner of the Oscars. He is a winner of more than 100 all kinds of film awards and prizes. Martin Scorsese is a director who has become a true legend in the world of American cinema. His movies have been translated into many languages. […]

Is Taoism’s Conception of the Good More Reasonable than that of Socrates?

According to Maspero, over the years, philosophers have become increasingly interested in the concept of good. This is a term that cannot be easily defined and therefore every philosopher who has undertaken the task of shading any light on the matter has done so in his/her own unique way. In a simple way, conception of […]

International Trade, Transport Infrastructure and Freight Transport Activity: Australia

Introduction to the Country Commonwealth of Australia is one of the largest world economies generating gross domestic product of USD 1,482.5 billion in 2014 according to the estimates of International Monetary Fund. The country has capital in Canberra and population of 23.6 million people. It enjoys relatively low unemployment rate combined with modest level of […]

Immigration and Crime

Immigration has long been regarded as a factor that influences the crime. However, migration can be voluntary and forced, returnable and irrevocable, legal and illegal. Often, the causes and conditions that led the person to change the place of residence are transformed into the causes and conditions that push to commit crimes of specific kind. […]

Hutu Tutsi Conflict Rwandan Genocide

The Actual Violence and Non-Violence Terrors that Transpired in that Dark Period The Hundred days massacre that transpired in Rwanda in between April and July 1994 left the world stood by watching. Rwanda genocide was gruesome and is regarded as one of the ill-fatal genocide in the world. During that period, Rwanda was characterized by […]

Human Rights Implementation in Japan

Introduction The most crucial human rights comprise the right to life, freedom of movement, freedom of education, and the freedom of healthcare among others. Most of these rights were first listed in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights in 1948. Nowadays, sixty years later people can see that though these rights are of noble nature […]

Factors That Decided American Women’s Identities

Introduction Femininity to most American women especially in the mid twentieth century was an adorable culture. Women were much preoccupied with their beauty and general qualities that defined their personalities at the expense of other important aspects of life. Being a woman sounded like more than enough to make one self-accomplished. That is why majority […]

Factors Influencing Demand and Supply for Food

Introduction Food remains a significant utility in people’s lives. Usually, it is the topmost consideration for anyone’s budget; for without food, all other developments will be inoperable. For any sustainable development to occur, every country must ensure food security for its citizens before focusing on other factors of development. Food industries and the agricultural sector, […]

Environmental Politics

The Impact of Neo-Liberalism on Environment Neo-Liberalism is a political phenomenon that presumes adhering to economic liberalization at a state and public levels. In other words, to enrich a certain country its government supports the development of favourable business environment; and neo-liberalism is considered to lessen the interference of government into business world, which is […]

Comparison of “The Communist Manifesto” and “On Liberty”

Philosophy is in demand in many areas of human life. It has a profound impact on human worldview and sometimes helps to justify one’s actions. Politics is also in need of a good philosophy that would justify the actions of the state. New laws can be passed with a good explanation of how they will […]

Children of the Dust

Introduction Children of the Dust: A Portrait of a Muslim as a Young Man by Ali Eteraz is an interesting personal account revealing spiritual journey and growth of a young Muslim man in Pakistan and the U.S. The story reveals desire and fear of Eteraz as a young boy looking forward to live a fulfilling […]
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