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The U.S. Economy Growth after World War II

World War II was the most destructive armed conflict in the modern history. Most of the countries-participants of the war have suffered the enormous damage in human lives and economic development. The only country, which experienced the significant economy growth after the war, was the United States. The United States ended World War II as […]

The Research if to Rely on the Social Media or Not

Nowadays it is hard to underestimate the role of social media in the informational support of human life. They have become the main source of information resources and the means of communication and integration of the certain social groups of the world society. Lao, they create the additional advertising opportunities for organizations. Nevertheless, economic and […]

The Landmarks of Chicago

The architecture of Chicago reflects the history and development of the American architecture. In particular, it demonstrates an eminent domain of the downtown in Chicago with buildings constructed in various styles. The most prominent buildings in this area are Chicago City Hall, the Daley Center and James R. Thompson Center. Chicago City Hall is a […]

The Changes Italian Immigration Brought to Australian Society since World War II

Australia is completely comprised of united parts. It is a mixture of cultures that are perfectly combined to produce the flavour of multiculturalism. A major part of that perfect combination is Italy with its residents. The reason is that Australia has been profoundly influenced by Italian immigrants who constitute a considerable part of the population. […]

Rock Cycle

Nature is the most wondrous and enigmatic thing in the whole world. All the processes, cycles and elements being well-justified form a strong mechanism that does not need to be controlled or run by anything or anybody else but the nature itself. However, a person does not always notice all the changes that take place […]

Radical Thought and the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment was the time of radical changes in people’s thoughts and visions of economics, culture, religion, politics, and science. This new thinking was a serious threat to the previously established regime and the way of thinking. The Age of Enlightenment took place mainly in the Western Europe since the 16th till the 18th century. […]

Nature of International Social Work

Social development of Brazil is managed by the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger. There is also the Economic and Social Development Council that helps in establishing advice for the republic’s president when creating policies. Perhaps the most significant challenge that Brazil faces is caring for its social development needs. Some of these […]

James Hutton

A geologist James Hutton was one of the brightest representatives of the Enlightenment. His studies proved that the world was much older than was previously thought. According to the geologist, the conventional age of the world is 6000 years. James Hutton devoted many years of hard work to prove of his theory. He made a […]

International Environmental Policy

The term global environmental policy is associated with the laws, regulations, and other approach systems concerning natural issues. The environmental problems mostly incorporate air and water contamination, physical waste administration, management of biodiversity, the protection of nature and imperiled species. Approaches concerning vitality or control of lethal substances including pesticides and numerous sorts of modern […]

Idea of Childhood

The idea of childhood revolves around the time and activities human beings engage in during the earlier stages in live. It is therefore the time when children go to school, play together, grow strong as well as confident because of encouragement and love from the family and other extended relatives. In essence, it is the […]

Film Comparison Paper

The Tampopo and the Ramen Girl films are two unique films based on similar techniques and surroundings but different intended information to the audience. The different directors have their way of impressing the audience considering that the two films have been acted at different times in the past and recent centuries. The discussion will look […]

Ethnic/Cultural Identity Paper

Fiesta is a huge annual festival in San Antonio that started its history in 1891. In the beginning, it was supposed to honor the memory of the Battle of San Jacinto and the heroes of Alamo. This part is still important, and the commemoration of the battle still takes significant place. However, during the last […]

Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby: Money versus Love Dilemma

Being written at the beginning of the 20th century, The Great Gatsby remains a mystery for both the most attentive readers and the fussiest critics, to a great extent. Indeed, numerous critical interpretations of the novel still appear and present new insights into the whirl of events described by Fitzgerald. In particular, the essence of […]

Business Psychology

Psychology is widely used in modern business due to its numerous benefits. For example, it helps to set effective relations with employees and attract more clients. Not all aspects of psychology, however, could be applied in business. The aim of this paper is to research the ways in which psychology is used in companies. Besides, […]

Buddhism Today

Buddhism is a religious practice that is common in the Asian continent of the world. The religion is unique to other religious practices in the world such as Christianity and Islam. The unique set of beliefs that the Buddhist agree on is there a supernatural. The subscription of the religious beliefs of the Buddhist is […]

American History

American History: Conflict Development American history is closely associated with the civil rights movement of the African Americans for the freedom of voting and equality. However, this historical period shows that the racial discrimination had existed for a long time due to the misconceptions and lack of understanding on both parts of the conflict. The […]
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