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Art Music

Art Music Analysis Medieval Convent is both Restrictive and Liberating It is apparent that though the women were restricted from participation in the public sphere, the private avenues provided a platform for them to expose their artistic potential. Women participation and performance in private venues such as the home was not only permitted, but it was […]

Music Questions

Do the court-based notions regarding women and music still persist? It is evident that the court-based notions regarding women and music still persist. It is because women were barred from accessing such opportunities as writing and education in their respective cultures. However, court music experience provides education experience through visual arts, writing and poetry, as […]

Music Analysis

Music Form Analysis Music form analysis focuses on the way in which segments are structured in a unified whole, a blueprint for the structure of a piece. Understanding music with words is as elusive as attempting to describe the smell of your favorite food or the touch of water. The splendor of the sensory experience […]

Gone Baby Gone

Film and Cinema
Gone Baby Gone is not a movie about kidnapping or unhappy family, but about a difficult choice that the main character has to do. Patrick Kenzie faces a great moral dilemma. On the one hand, he finds out that a girl who is supposed to be kidnapped and dead lives happily at his friend's place. […]

Design Build

Art Design
Oklahoma City In the face of the looming tornadoes in the Oklahoma City, Americans remained vigil and supportive of the evacuees as the government through the help of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) pooled funds and efforts towards securing lives and property. In the minds of many, the scenario was a reflection of the several […]
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