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Factors Influencing Demand and Supply for Food

Introduction Food remains a significant utility in people’s lives. Usually, it is the topmost consideration for anyone’s budget; for without food, all other developments will be inoperable. For any sustainable development to occur, every country must ensure food security for its citizens before focusing on other factors of development. Food industries and the agricultural sector, […]

Environmental Politics

The Impact of Neo-Liberalism on Environment Neo-Liberalism is a political phenomenon that presumes adhering to economic liberalization at a state and public levels. In other words, to enrich a certain country its government supports the development of favourable business environment; and neo-liberalism is considered to lessen the interference of government into business world, which is […]

Comparison of “The Communist Manifesto” and “On Liberty”

Philosophy is in demand in many areas of human life. It has a profound impact on human worldview and sometimes helps to justify one’s actions. Politics is also in need of a good philosophy that would justify the actions of the state. New laws can be passed with a good explanation of how they will […]

Children of the Dust

Introduction Children of the Dust: A Portrait of a Muslim as a Young Man by Ali Eteraz is an interesting personal account revealing spiritual journey and growth of a young Muslim man in Pakistan and the U.S. The story reveals desire and fear of Eteraz as a young boy looking forward to live a fulfilling […]

Analyzing the Edward Snowden Case

The case in question proves far too complex or multi-faceted to suggest any sharp divide when it comes to ethical or legal profiling of major whistle-blowers. Whenever large players such as governments acting domestically or states operating globally opt for questionable means or practices, which can be replicated indefinitely without ever making it into lawful […]

The Story of Progress: Women, African Americans and Industrial Workers from 1865 to 1938

The history of the United States is a story of progress. Over a relatively short period of time, the country passed almost all stages of growth and decline to create equally favorable life conditions for all population groups. The period between 1865 and 1938 in America was marked with numerous successes and failures. From the […]

The Most Important Terminology in Investment

Introduction An investment is a monetary security purchased with the idea of creating more earnings in future or with the hope that the security will appreciate and be sold at a profit. The current paper will look at the most important terms in investment. Asset Allocation It is a term given to the investors’ investment […]

The Culture Analysis of Aruba

Cultural norms comprise stereotypes of perceptions inherent in the collective subconsciousness of a specific nation. Undoubtedly, stereotypes, bias, and prejudices are representing the misinterpretations, when the objective appreciation of reality is hindered by the subjective meanings that had been greatly influenced by cultural factors. These conceptions are often unjust and do not adequately reflect reality. […]

Mahatma Gandhi

The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by a string of events that have changed the course of the world’s history. In this respect, the World War I can be regarded as an event of extreme historical, cultural, political, economic, and social importance. The system of causes and effects associated with the WWI can […]

Long Essay: Atlantic System

Introduction Atlantic System refers to the systematic network of trade established in 17000, which linked the three continent of Europe African and America. The trade relationship between the three parts of the continents was also referred to as the triangular trade. The European were the key player in the Atlantic system where they sell slaves […]

Learning Theories and Technology

Abstract This paper discusses how different learning theories affect the process of learning. It discusses the theories and looks into how each theory impacts on online learning – the latest form of technological advancement in learning. The paper also looks at how each learning theory can be used to ensure maximum benefits of knowledge acquisition […]

International and Domestic Political and Cultural Based Threats

Introduction Dialectical thesis about the transition of quantitative changes into the qualitative  ones is fully applicable to the PRC. China has become one of the determining factors of global economic development, becoming an influential regional power in East and Central Asia, including the Korean Peninsula. It seeks to achieve the level of global political force […]

Mythology and Religion

Mythology and religion are the subjects that have given people constant inspiration throughout the history. The need to illustrate the connection between myths and religion is to make people understand that there is no substantive difference between the worship of the god of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as well as the cults of Egypt and […]

Functional Classifications of Advertising

Introduction Advertising Advertising is simply a relatively low-cost strategy of conveying selling information to various prospective customers. It entails the process of buying benefactor-identified time or media space to promote an idea or product. In most cases, advertising can secure leads for intermediaries and salespersons by convincing readers to bid for additional information and identify […]

Ethics: Monsanto vs. Francois Chemical Poisoning Ethical Scenario

According to Harman, ethics or moral philosophy is a discipline in the social sciences that undertakes the persistent, systematic, and rational defence of the concept of right or wrong. Psychologists coined the word ethics from a Greek noun ethos, which means habit or the acceptable custom. In psychology, ethics examines the broad question of what […]

Ethical Dilemma

Introduction The contemporary world of nursing is full of the diversity of ethical issues, which tend to take its place in practice of every nurse. Experience makes it a mandatory step in the extension of knowledge and awareness on the various ethical issues, which can arise at any moment. It should become a goal of […]
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