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Essays Samples

Film Final

The Concept of “Open Structure” in Fellini’s 8½ Federico Fellini in his film 8½ refers to a philosophical problem of the artistic crisis. The main purpose of this motion picture is to capture the feelings of the creator and the challenges he faces. Fellini’s film is self-reflective in many ways, because it tells a story […]

Final Essay

The new bestseller written by the young French economist Thomas Piketty has raised a storm in the economic world. The writer has headlined his book as the Capital obviously appealing and reconsidering the classic ideas of Marx. In fact, the book provides the outlook on the global economy and explains the reasons for poverty and […]

William Faulkner

William Faulkner was born in an old southern kin in the year 1897. He initially united with the Canadian Royal Air Force, and afterward the British, all through the First World War. He went to the University of Mississippi for a time, and for the short term worked for a New Orleans tabloid and a […]


Slovenia was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before it was dissolved at the end of World War I. the Slovenes joined the Croats and Serbs in 1918 to form a new multinational state that was named Yugoslavia in 1929. After the end of World war II, Slovenia attained the status of a republic of […]

Rumor of War

Rumor of war is an amazing work of literature by Philip Caputo being a non-fictional book describing his experiences as a Lieutenant during the Vietnam War. The book describes the Vietnam War from a personal perspective, the event from the time he decided to join the Marine Corps and the reason which led him to […]

Sacrifice and Success

Success is actually not an easy thing; it comes through sacrifice and determination. Many people who we see out these in big positions or doing great things must have achieved their dreams due to sacrifice and determination. Nevertheless, I am not an exception, even though I have not reached that far, I believe I’m where […]

Significant Events Regarding Fugitive Slaves

As early as 1643 there was in existence slavery legislation in America and the New England Confederation. That law was enacted in a few of the initial 13 colonies. The states of Maryland and Virginia had laws that offered bounties to persons who would capture slaves that had escaped and even larger rewards for those […]

Bronze Age Trade

Bronze Age Gulf Trade In the business of the olden Near East when there was the rising of the civilization of Mesopotamia’s range of their influence and contacts, the Gulf had an important function in the most central route by sea. This was the time that the Gilamesh legend was written down and it was […]

Entrepreneur Creativity

Creativity and entrepreneurship are very complementary elements of any successful business venture. To be creative simply would mean being imaginative by thinking beyond the standard response involving the access to one creative side as well as breakthrough in mental blocks. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, the personal aspiration inherent or long before developed in me […]

Wilderness Development vs. Preservation

People, animals, plants, land, as well as rocks and water sources are components of the natural environment. People need the environment for survival. This includes sources of food (meat and plants), building materials for shelter, aesthetic viewing, recreation, water, waste disposal grounds, and fresh air among others. Humans acquire tangible products such as fruit, timber, […]

Value and Distribution in Economic Theories of Modern Capitalism

Essay Question: Explain how value and distribution stand in relation to each other in Classical Economics and in Marx. Then confront the Classical view of the links, if any, between value and distribution with Wicksell’s capital theory and explain the common element between the Classics, Marx, and Wicksell. Various economists, historians, and political economists have […]

Topographical Maps

A map can defined as a representation of part or the whole surface of the earth. The distinctive feature that distinguishes the topographical map is that the shape of the Earth’s surface is shown by the use of contour lines. Contours refer to imaginary lines that connect points of equal elevation on the land surface […]

The U.S. Economy Growth after World War II

World War II was the most destructive armed conflict in the modern history. Most of the countries-participants of the war have suffered the enormous damage in human lives and economic development. The only country, which experienced the significant economy growth after the war, was the United States. The United States ended World War II as […]

The Research if to Rely on the Social Media or Not

Nowadays it is hard to underestimate the role of social media in the informational support of human life. They have become the main source of information resources and the means of communication and integration of the certain social groups of the world society. Lao, they create the additional advertising opportunities for organizations. Nevertheless, economic and […]

The Landmarks of Chicago

The architecture of Chicago reflects the history and development of the American architecture. In particular, it demonstrates an eminent domain of the downtown in Chicago with buildings constructed in various styles. The most prominent buildings in this area are Chicago City Hall, the Daley Center and James R. Thompson Center. Chicago City Hall is a […]

The Changes Italian Immigration Brought to Australian Society since World War II

Australia is completely comprised of united parts. It is a mixture of cultures that are perfectly combined to produce the flavour of multiculturalism. A major part of that perfect combination is Italy with its residents. The reason is that Australia has been profoundly influenced by Italian immigrants who constitute a considerable part of the population. […]
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