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American Imperialism Essay

America's Age of Imperialism

American imperialism is the fiscal, equipped and national manipulation of the United States on other countries in order to develop their foreign territories. The Americans were motivated in the process of colonization by the technological improvement and low-priced labor of the industrial transformation economy. This contributed to looking for the new markets abroad. This enhanced trade development with the territories and the Americans went after them even in the face of their native opposition. The Filipino Insurrection was contributed by the high number of deaths of civilians between them and Americas in response to fight over the Philippians. As a result of that, the US ignored the Filipino demand for independence that they had been fighting for, hence, making them the colonial subjects.  

The American’s justified that they wanted to colonize the Philippians in order to expand economic growth and bring democracy to them. They also wanted to colonize them as a result of where they are located in the Pacific Ocean. This is a place known for the Europeans affairs. The Philippians were against it because they were not in need of resources as the Americans thought. The US wanted to build a canal across Central America, as a result of vociferous supporter of American colonization and Theodore forces. The canal was built for some time, but they ran out of money, but never gave up, they even bought the other side which the French was building and finally made it. The Roosevelt Corollary declared that the United States interfered in disagreement between European countries that forced lawful claims of the European powers. The Americas justified the Roosevelt corollary by the right to keep European powers out of Latin America through the use of military force.

In conclusion, the America imperialism was powerful compared to other armies for they colonized many countries. The Americans were also able to build the canal that French members were unable to build, hence, they were declared as warriors. The Americans were also able to improve on their economic growth as a result of colonizing many countries rich in economy.

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