Batman Paper: Academic Writing Sample

Batman is a fictional character that is used in almost all the comics produced so-far who was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The character was first used in 1939 in a detective comic which was produced by then. He has come out to be the superstar in the comic following the parts it plays in most of films where it is characterized. Batman has gained popularity over the years; this has been facilitated by its strength and intelligence. Batman is propelled by his strength and understanding which is above others always in the play. Its knowledge and strength have been developed over the years through vigorous trainings and hard-work.

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What is funny with batman is that he does not have superpowers like other super-heroes who act in the same capacity. It uses science and technology and detective’s skill to outweigh its opponents giving him upper hand in fighting any battle it comes across. Besides this, batman uses physical prowess, and the wealth it creates to victory.

One of the noticeable works of batman is the comic the dark knight returns which was produced in 1986. It marked the return of batman after several years of disappearance from the public scene. In most cases, Batman represents the pop culture. He portrays obsessive behaviors to other characters as he becomes overwhelmed. Batman actions match up with the cultural norms which are set up in the film. The dark background of the film becomes a reality as the fight continues in the field; there are a lot of killings in the film which gives it the black background.

The actions of the character do not put a smile on the audience face which makes the actions match the cultural set-ups of the film. In addition, several scenes of terrorism and struggles for surveillance are in the film which all justifies the cultural setting of the film. The film becomes more violent as the character is involved in several crimes and he escapes. It is also noticed that the character, batman teams up with gangster to commit a criminal offence and latter murders them after succeeding in the deal. This portrays the background and cultural set-ups of the film. There are also a lot of deaths which occurred as a result of the characters actions.

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The existing relationship between batman and other characters have not been strong and based on mutual relationship. Batman has been using other characters to achieve his mission. He uses them as a ladder to reach his goal then damps them as he seeks another partnership. In most cases, he killed other characters, which he saw as threats now that they had known his weakness. Other characters are angered with Batman since wherever they meet is just war and nothing remedy can come out. This is the existing relationship which exists between batman and other characters. The same applies to the characters setting; he uses backgrounds where he can camouflage against his rivals. This can be proved through the way he dresses and hides his identity. The setting is in his favor from the fact that he can easily catch-up with the opponents.

Batman is motivated to act from the fall of others, he seeks others mistakes and act to correct the mischief. Similar incidences are reported when they robbed the bank also when he got his family in a ship they were travelling. The character seems motivated by others fall, and he gets strength in them. He is also motivated to act by the fact that he has hidden his identity by the mask he more. In most times, he could go unnoticed because his identity could not be easily identified because of the bat mask he wore. The nature of his intelligence and different techniques he employs in beating his opponents are some of his core motivators to engage in most of the actions.

The character easily relates to others; this was reported from the time he went to robe the bank. He easily managed to team up with the local robbers and robbed the bank after short during. This portrays how his relationship is. He can be defined as somebody who relates with people easily before turning against an individual or those he relates to in his operations. The character easily related with the police when he reported other people who robbed the bank and agreed to testify against them.

The character has features of some other things in the world. He poses the character traits of cunning which is characterized to other things in the world. In the real sense, animals trick others in-order to survive in the world of jungle. The character behavior reflects that one of the hares who tricks other animals to enable them survive from the harsh environment. They use their intelligence to get the best out and abscond danger that they might face in the course of the operation.

Batman is a fictional character used in many plays; he takes different forms depending on the se-ups of the play. In most cases, it does not use supernatural powers, but employs intelligence and strength to avoid danger. In real-life situation, he behaves like a hare who tricks others to survive.

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