Causes of Stresses

Stress is what one feels when anxious or uncomfortable about something. This fear in the mind makes the body feel nervous, exasperated or scared and this can cause headaches. In the case of children, they may have trouble paying attention at school and recalling things at home. Stresses come from many different ways. Some may get stressed when they speak in front of the public. Similarly, other may feel stressed when the do something wrong. There is a likelihood that most people have undergone stress at some point in their lives. People will get stressed in various ways. The various causes of stress are listed and discussed below.

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People often get stressed when they meet someone who is very important. They have to be careful about their behaviors around such people and they end up getting stressed. It is very hard to have a coherent conversation with someone you really admire. One may end up sweating profusely and be barely able to remember his or her name. Social anxiety comes along with the fear of being analyzed, judged or humiliated in public. One would go to great lengths to avoid such situations that are unacquainted and those that you feel you will be observed and assessed by others.

For instance, meeting a potential employer during an interview is a very stressful moment. One tries to behave in the best way possible to create a good impression. There is that fear that the employer may be thoroughly analyzing you in every aspect and one ends up being confused at even at the most basic things. The key to conquering this anxiety is to trick the mind. People should treat such instances as just a normal collaboration with a person who doesn’t have much reputation. If one acts like it is totally normal in the presence of an important person, one is more likely to fit in. They will treat you in a standard and human way, rather than like a stranger.

I have a personal experience of meeting someone who is very important and I got stressed. My first week in college was very nerve-wracking for me. I feared the new environment where everyone was new to me. My classmates were very unfriendly. I had self-esteem issues because I was not very fluent in English. The few classmates I had managed to talk to would laugh at me each time I tried to socialize with them. But the worst part as when I had to attend the professor’s class. It was the third day of the semester and I had an inner voice telling me to skip the class but my parents could never allow such a thing. The professor would tell students to go at the front of the class and introduce themselves. This day was no exception. I knew that it shouldn’t be a big deal but it rally freaked me out. I gathered courage to get to the front of the class. Just when I started talking, my voice started trembling and my face reddened. I feared the professor so much that I could not construct a sentence to introduce myself. I feared what the professor and my classmates would think of me and I ended up feeling humiliated and ashamed.

People will get stressed when they do something wrong. They experience severe feelings of doom that result to signs that can have a negative effect on one’s health. There is that fear that you might be blamed for something and severe repercussions will befall you. One feels helpless and quite anxious about the whole situation.

I did something wrong and I was so scared of telling my mother, so I got stressed. There was this particular day that my mother had invited some of her colleagues to our house. She left me the house keys so that I would clean the house once I came back from school. She would then come with the workmates in the evening. I decided to play with my friends in the neighborhood for some few minutes before I could embark on the task. I must admit that playing with age mates is quite interesting and one tends to forget everything else. It was after two hours that I realized that I had misplaced the house keys and was only a matter a time that my mother would get home. Fear and panic were all over my face. The thought of my mother’s reaction teared me into pieces. I looked for them everywhere to no avail. The only solution was to wait for her since she had spare keys. The anxiety was doubled since I knew the house was in a mess and I had lost keys too. I did not know how to approach her bearing the fact that she would be accompanied by her colleagues thinking that the house was super clean. She eventually showed up and was very angry. Nevertheless, we sorted out the mess and the evening was successful.

People are afraid of being blamed. Therefore when they do something wrong, they often do not want everyone else to know which makes them stressful.  It’s a life-long behavior pattern of thinking, sensation, and performing. Time after time, they evade taking accountability for their evils.  They argue against advice, irrespective of how supportive and truthful it may be. They try to convince others to approve their rigid ideas so that they can shift the blame on to others. The problems come and go, but their personality behaviors keep them in conflict

Their problems remain unsettled and the anxiety often in them surges and can end up as depression. For them, it is highly personal and they feel like they might not survive if things don’t go their way. So they focus on confronting and accusing someone else and find mistake with all that that entire person does, even though it may be quite negligible or non-existent compared to the high-conflict behavior. In disparity to their blame of others, they can see no liability in them and see themselves free from accountability of the problems they caused. Usually for children, they will get worried while they do the mistaken. Children are quite innocent compared to adults. Therefore, their stresses can be irresistible if they do not have effective handling tactics. Most of children do not want their parents to reach out and help them. Hence, kids blame themselves when things go wrong. They might feel humiliated and uncomfortable for the part they played in the situation. They may end up using harmful methods to cope with the stress. Hurting themselves may be a means to show the stress and blame themselves at the same time.

Individuals will get worried when there is a massive amount of work to do. As for students, with an increasingly amount of homework, they will get more stressed since they have to finish the increasing work. For secondary students planning on tertiary lessons and high school evaluations is very essential. So is the number of topics. As a result, students may overwork their programs. They stay up late at night in order to finish their assignments. The lack of enough sleep is not only likely to have difficulties in learning during tutorials but also more likely to make them perform poorly in the examinations, competitions and schoolwork the very outcome the student were remaining up late to evade. Also, the academic burden that student’s feel from their parentages and school increases anxiety levels so high. Parents always want their kids to do well in school. They want to see good results, but they also want to see their children prosper in other areas of life. Hence, parental forces become one of the sources of stress on scholars.   Stress continues to be a great problem that affects students negatively with their school activities. In institutions, where economic investments have been made, students may overstrain to attain their objectives and benefit from the money spent. Workloads at any stage are sources of stress on students. Therefore, learners should limit stress where probable. It might be essential to limit other undertakings to leave time and vigor for assignments. As for workers, if they cannot finish the increasing work, they might not get any payment, which makes them more stressful. The great majority of hourly part-time workers report having uneven work programs. Generally, variation in amount of work or job hassles tends to undesirably affect employees’ well-being, both when it is routine or short-lived. This is mainly because instability creates intrusion of work with nonworking activity and results in stress.

It undermines the effort-recovery process, time required for relaxation in between shifts in order to perform efficiently. Even when work hours are absolutely related to indicators of well-being, inconsistency of work reduces well-being considerably. Thus, decreasing or lessening unpredictability in work hours, programs, and amount of work may develop workers’ well-being, for a given level of daily or weekly hours and income.

In conclusion, there is need to manage stress since it is a problem to individuals, students, staff among others. Stress in the work place reduces efficiency, increases administration pressures, and make people ill in many ways. For student, stress leads to poor performance. Hence, there are evidently strong cost-effective and economic explanations for organization and institutions to cope and reduce stress in their respective environments. It is wise for parents and others who work with students to take time to identify the stresses that students and children face. Therefore, strategies and techniques to deal with stress should be well established since stress management is directly associated to personal well-being of an individual.

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