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California Community: Los Angeles

Los Angles is one of the most popular cities in the United States of America and the second after New York. It is located in a major metropolis. Thus, the city has an urban setting with developed and improved standards of living. Los Angeles has the largest area that is urbanized in the United States of America. In addition, there a close to 3.7 million pole in Los Angles, 88 percent out of which leaved in household, 1.5 percent lived in group quarters, and 0.5 percent were institutionalized. The population density of the community is 7068 inhabitants per square mile that covers 1668 square miles of the total land area, hence making it the urban populated area in United States. Thus, the area can be described as being in between spread and crowded, since the population density of 7068 households per square mile does not clearly indicate whether it is densely populated or crowded. Therefore, one cannot conclude the extreme, since it is not clearly stated by the population density of Los Angeles.

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The general living standard of people living in Los Angeles is high due to the large number of working class population. In addition, the area has had many reformers who promoted the social welfare of its people. Thus, Los Angeles is inhabited by the vast majority of rich people. Thus, more than 50 percent of the residents of Los Angeles earn more than $35,000 per month. Therefore, there is a have higher social class due to the wealthy of its residents (Solomon, 2011). Furthermore, the residences of Los Angeles citizens are in good conditions, which is worthwhile to mention. However, there are close to 34000 people in Los Angeles living in the slums, but this numbers a small percentage of the entire Los Angeles. In addition, most of the Los Angeles residents live in apartments, while 25 percent prefer rent houses. The quality of homes in Los Angeles is high, since many residents are housed in luxuriant apartments. The houses are well-spaced with yards. However, the community does not have adequate houses to meet the demands of its residents and thus it is the cause of the slums emergence. However, it can generally confirm that there is affordable housing that meets the community residents’ needs.

The community of Los Angeles has accessible hospitals, parks, garbage collection, and other readily available shopping and support services. In addition, other social services that are provided in the community offer resources to battered women, available hotlines intervention and counseling services. Thus, resources in the city are adequate to provide for every resident. Therefore, Los Angeles may be perceived as a city that is well-covered with resources and other services for good coexistence of its residents. Talking about the education system of Los Angeles, it is efficient and effective in instilling academic skills and knowledge into the students (Pulido, Barraclough, & Cheng, 2012). Comparing to the neighboring communities, the education system of Los Angeles is much better, since it offers good skills and academic knowledge to transform students into successful persons.  Therefore, it can be generally considered being effective in spite of profound criticism of the system. The spiritual involvement in the community is immense, with citizens going to different churches on Sundays. However, the other religions such as Islam mark a great number of spiritual people. Nevertheless, the community residents are not ready to reveal their spiritual involvement due to the modernism and informal ways of living that disregard spiritual aspects. 

The benefit of the Los Angeles community is the presence of good entertainment and recreational facilities. The community of Los Angeles has many celebrities and musicians who organize events and parties almost every week. As a result, the events help to provide adequate time for relaxation ahead of the tough responsibilities in one’s job. Los Angeles has vast areas that are used in the United States for movie and television production. These sites have drawn many actors and even writers to the Los Angeles community. In addition, arts and cultures attract many people to the entire California community. The Los Angeles was created as a result of an America’s revolutionary war and thus the community is important for attraction of visitors due to its architectural landmarks.

When I think of my home community in California Los Angles, I am sure I live in the most beautiful and the best place in the entire world. I would describe Los angles as a community with good people who are ready to socialize. In addition, the community has enough resources and services that can accommodate every person ranging from social to basic services. Thus, there are no cases of shortages of water or electricity. The place is pleasant for an individual to live and enjoy the experience (Randall, 2010). There are also the spacious houses and enhanced security in the community. These provide peace of mind and room to enjoy life happily without any security fears. Therefore, it is highly recommended for a person to try to live in Los Angeles.

In conclusion, the strength of the Los Angeles community is the fact that it is the spread community that occupies good houses. In addition, the Los Angeles community has good education system that helps to instill skills and knowledge into students to prepare for their future careers. The presence of good houses offers the best residential places for people without readily available services for use. Nevertheless, the community faces some limitations, since there is a part of the city that is occupied by slums in some households. People living in the slums experience poor living conditions and increased rate of insecurity. Therefore, the analysis examined both strengths and weakness of the Los Angeles community.

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