Entrepreneur Creativity

Creativity and entrepreneurship are very complementary elements of any successful business venture. To be creative simply would mean being imaginative by thinking beyond the standard response involving the access to one creative side as well as breakthrough in mental blocks. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, the personal aspiration inherent or long before developed in me draw constantly to the establishment of an industry and specifically a computer systems firm. I must admit that the way a maturing vision in my head and putting it into functioning company or organization may take many years but the first seeds have consistently belonged to my childhood especially seeing my parents in action as self-employed. Looking at the life of employment is somewhat frustrating and when one things only of how they can raise money from working for somebody else. In cases where one has no academic qualification that can enable them access a given job that is well paying or satisfying, people tend to have low self-esteem and are therefore unproductive at the end. Becoming an entrepreneur according to Colemont comprises a wide variety of subjects that any aspiring entrepreneur should master such as dealing with money, people, fixed assets etc.

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Many years now spent in knowledge acquisition centres and schools have subjected me to a rigorous review and analysis of who I am and what I want in this present life. I have in the past participated in a number of training and development oriented activities aimed at equipping people with skill and expertise in given areas and spectra of life with information technology and human capacity development. I have then realized the ambition in me-to build the capacity and skills of individuals by creating conducive working environments and culture of self confidence and self-examination to produce and develop the society and its people. My vision may be more tended towards training people to be productive in what they are handling within the IT industry. According to Sternberg and Lubart’s definition, entrepreneurship is a form of creativity because often new businesses are original and useful. This is in line with what Sternberg says of creativity – the ability to produce work that is both novel and appropriate in terms of usefulness, adaptive concerning task constraints.

Creativity may be thought as simply imaginative thinking but a few important items must be considered even as I aspire to form an organization in the future. Some of the ways to unlock creativity for myself include: Following rules and being practical; personal development by critical analysis of self discipline, self-awareness, self-confidence, improvement in energy level as well as esteem and motivation. Strength resulting from problem recognition and general problem solving skill is very vital to enable the birth of a company or business. The capacity to solve problems means the possibility of taking risks in the ventures. Mental fluency in terms of quantity and quality of thought and ideas must be improved to ensure that targets or goals are achievable and fast tracked by employing flexible and viable strategies.
The main reasons for the desire to setup own business include: Strength to build on entrepreneurial skills

  • The need for young entrepreneurs in the IT industry with fresh and innovative minds being creative and focused. This would mean competing with industry champs and therefore the chance to learn from the leaders and also apply some of the knowledge acquired from analyzing the success stories of the industry experts.
  • Self employment implies that the business owner has to work hard in order to gain from their industrious efforts. Many people who are employed believe that whether they work or not, they are assured of a pay cheque at the end of the month and these kinds of mindsets prevent young people from being hard working and can then not be able to contribute positively or above the standards expected of them to both their employers and the society at large.
  • To lead and contribute to the society responsibly other than just employing people. To provide a gift of leadership with integrity by doing what most fear, taking the risks or chance to bring change (positive) and striving to provide solutions.

Personal strengths for venturing into business include the major of roles of any entrepreneur such as firm and brilliant decision making skills, brainstorming over issues in order to give chance to diversity of ideas and thoughts. The views of the society may at certain times hinder progress of many visions and ideas I have had towards coming up with a company but effort must be made to distance from the mindsets that believe in impossibility, impracticability of ventures, and risk averse. Targeting to include the youth and the vulnerable in the society to help in skill development and capacity building so as to improve their self-esteem and make them know that the lack of employment may not necessarily be synonymous to incapacitation as most have always been taught to believe. The politically incorrect leaders have always wasted the precious minds and brain washed students or generally the society to think that jobs must be sort after and not created. I would want to be a responsible leader and utilize the creativity of most young people to have them trained and confident enough knowing that they contribute to the well-being of the society and it members by producing solutions. The following are a number of strategic intentions to incorporate creativity for entrepreneurial purpose:

  • Intellectual abilities: the employees to work in this dream firm must possess the ability to see problems in new ways and recognize which ideas are worth pursuing coupled with persuasive skills and must also be able to convince others of the value of these new ideas. According to Baron and Shane, this is a combination of successful and social intelligence.
  • Broad and rich knowledge base: employ people with a large store of relevant information in memory, without which the cognitive foundations for creative thoughts will definitely lack in the organization. Employing appropriate style of thinking: Preference should be made for novel thought processes and ways, with ability to see the big picture according to Baron and Shane.
  • Strategic personality attributes such as willingness to take risks and tolerate ambiguity to help individuals consider ideas and solutions that many other people would end up overlooking.
  • Employ a task focused motivation: Creative people usually love what they do and find intrinsic rewards in that particular work.

In conclusion, as an entrepreneur, focus must then shift from the past to future, critical analysis to creativity, from knowledge to insight, from passive understanding to active comprehension, from phenomenon to problem and opportunity since the environments change from the college to a society based on economies.

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